Mixed Martial Arts. It’s the fastest growing sport in the world, and it’s also one of my personal favorites. The most popular MMA association would be the UFC. For a good while, THQ had the UFC license and created 3 games, which were universally agreed as pretty good, but after THQ declared bankruptcy, EA picked up the license and decided to revamp everything and create EA SPORTS UFC. Many thought that this was a terrible thing and many thought that this would signal a huge step up in quality. Well, it’s a week after the release of the game and I am about to tell you about my personal opinions of the game.





The overall presentation in this game absolutely fantastic. The character models are almost photo-realistic, and they are probably the best models I have seen in a video game. They also act just like their real-life counterparts. Wanderlei Silva rolls his hands and John Dodson (pictured above) gets all hyper and excited. The intro to the fights also look just like actual UFC pay-per-view events. The actual fighting itself looks great, too. Skin ripples and when punches and kicks land, and everything looks very fluid and not at all stiff. The commentators, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, are usually spot-on, but occasionally they miss a beat. For example I was fighting Alexis Davis with Ronda Rousey and I landed three solid kicks to the body in a row and Davis got knocked, but Joe Rogan kept exclaiming about how nasty my elbows were, even though I hadn’t once thrown an elbow the whole fight. The music is also pretty great. They have close to all of the walkout songs of the fighters, and that really impressed me. The genres of music were quite varied as you could find anything from rap to hard rock to mariachi. Although the fighter roster is large, there are still some glaring issues, like the fact that there is only 7 flyweight fighters, or that the current bantamweight champ, TJ Dillashaw, isn’t even in the game.





The gameplay in EA SPORTS UFC can range from fluid and fun to complicated and boring. The striking in this game is rather impressive. It never feels too stiff and each fighter feels different, there are a variety of moves that only certain fighters have, such as Junior Dos Santos’s heel kick, or Jose Aldo’s spinning side kick. At times certain stand-up strategies can seem a bit unfair. Such as only aiming for the body, as it is a lot easier to knockout someone when you only hit body shots rather than mixing it up or going just for the head. There also doesn’t seem to be much punishment for spamming. While there is a stamina meter, and if you just keep constantly punching your stamina will run low and you have a high chance of getting knocked out, there are still times where I block the shots and try to wait for the perfect moment to strike, and all of a sudden, one of their jabs somehow breaks through my block and rocks me, even though I have full stamina. The clinch game is alright, if anything, a bit awkward, but the ground game is where I start to have some issues. Everything moves extremely slowly on the ground, and it seems a bit unfair when you time your takedown perfectly, and get the opponent on the ground, in a dominant position, but at the click of a button they are free. And to avoid this you almost solely have to focus on not letting them get out rather than trying to transition to a better position, strike, or go for a submission, which are all pretty different button combinations than the “defending escapes” combination. The submission system works quite well, in my opinion, and can be a fun chess match that matters solely on predicting their moves and having good reaction timing, although every single time you actually submit someone, it was after a minute long submission war, and in the actual UFC, people get 5-second submissions all the time, so it almost takes you out of the game. One other thing this game doesn’t to have seemed to get right, is the decisions. There have been matches where I have gotten more takedowns, more strikes, better percentage strikes, better percentage takedowns, and more knockdowns, yet I lose in a majority decision. I know that there are some really bad decisions made in the UFC but I don’t think that was a good idea to have that emulated in this game. The online modes are also quite fun, and out of the almost 50 online fights I have had now, only one resulted in a disconnection.




The career mode in this game was a surprise to me. After seeing the trailer that announced The Ultimate Fighter would be in the career mode, I had been ecstatic. Having TUF in a UFC game was something that I had always wanted and though was a good idea, I was even starting to wonder greater things like, “Do I get to choose the coaches?”, or “Do I get to make the opposing fighters?”. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with the career mode, and neither of my hopes came true, which is honestly okay, because it isn’t that big of a deal that you can’t choose the coaches. After creating my fighter I started training and soon was recruited by Dana White to join TUF, but unfortunately my excitement seemed to stop there, as the constant training becomes monotonous and boring. The actual fights start to get boring too, because it took me about 18 UFC fights to finally fight against an actual fighter, and all of those before me, except for my very first fights, I simply did not care about, and this wasn’t even in the flyweight division, which as previously stated has only 7 fighters. This was in the welterweight division, which is one of the most populated divisions in the game. It is also quite unfortunate that you cannot continue the career of a current UFC fighter. I, personally, think that playing as some of my favorite fighters such as Joe Lauzon, Louis Gaudinot, or Cung Le, and making them the champs, would be extremely exciting, and would definitely give a lot of staying power to this game.



In total, I think that EA UFC is a great foundation for a new series of games, and with a few tweaks, it should be great.




EA SPORTS UFC gets a 7.7/10



My Favorite Call of Duty’s


This is a list of my personal favorite Call of Duty’s. I am not including any Call of Duty game before Modern Warfare, and I am not counting iOS games or Portable system games. Remember, this is not the definitive Call of Duty list, this is just a list of MY favorites. I will also include pictures of the multiplayer gameplay, so you can see what the average online game would be like.

Number 7: Call of Duty: World At War


Call of Duty: World at War was my least favorite Call of Duty for mainly one reason: The colors. When I play games, the colors make a relatively huge impact on my opinion of them, and can really make or break a game for me. I know that some people don’t care about the colors and think that all that matters is the gameplay. I’m not like that, and this game is almost entirely dull greens, grey-blues, and dark browns. I also wasn’t really interested in the World War II setting. It seemed reused and tired, it was kind of weird that the Call of Duty Games would go from having huge success with a modern shooter, to going back to the same, old WWII setting. Zombies was a very nice addition, but it didn’t save the game for me. The campaign was alright, but didn’t intrigue me at all.

Favorite Gun: Type 100

Favorite Map: Castle

Number 6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


MW3 was probably the biggest disappointment I have ever had when it comes to video games. This game was coming out at the height of my love for Call of Duty, and it probably goes the same for many others. In my opinion this game started the downfall of Call of Duty. Ever since this game, playing Call of Duty was never the same for me. The story mode was bland and pretty boring, the new Spec Ops Survival mode felt like a not-as-good zombies mode, the graphics did not improve at all, all of the multiplayer maps were either brown or grey, and overall, the multiplayer felt stiff and lifeless to me. I could go on and on about why I disliked this game so much, but instead I will explain why I liked it more than World at War. MW3 had better aesthetics than World at War, it had more guns that I enjoyed playing with, it added in Kill Confirmed, which has since become one of my favorite game modes, and last, but certainly not least, I actually had fun playing the game. In World at War I constantly found myself bored and unmotivated, but in MW3, I at least enjoyed myself a bit. Overall I don’t think that MW3 is a bad game, I think that hype killed the game for me.

Favorite Gun: PP90M1

Favorite Map: Hardhat

Number 5: Call of Duty: Ghosts



For many, Ghosts marked the end of Call of Duty, but for some it was just another great Call of Duty. I didn’t really fit into either of these camps. I thought that it was good, but it definitely could use some work. I am not going to go too in-depth, because I am going to review this game soon, but I will say that I can definitely see why people complained about this game so much and it definitely took a step down from Treyarch’s Black Ops 2. Hopefully, Advanced Warfare will learn from the mistakes of this game and be great.

Favorite Gun: K7

Favorite Map: Strikezone

Number 4: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2



Black Ops 2 was the game that reminded me that there was still hope for Call of Duty after the disaster that was MW3. Black Ops 2 had all of the color that I wanted from a Call of Duty game, and all of the innovation that I wanted from a Call of Duty game. Everything looked sleek and smooth, and overall, was very appealing to the eye. Maps like Hijacked, Plaza, and Encore reminded me that Call of Duty could still be extremely fun and fast-paced. This was probably the Call of Duty that I played most often with friends, and that had a good effect, which was making the game overall, more fun. The campaign was also great, with the new addition of choice. I really cared about the characters, and the twists really shook me. Although, the new style of Zombies upset me, I much rather prefer choosing an individual map rather than one big map. This game basically ruined Zombies for me. Overall this game was fantastic and a huge step in the right direction for Call of Duty.

Favorite Gun: MP7

Favorite Map: Hijacked

Number 3: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare




Many fans of Call of Duty consider Modern Warfare to be the very best Call of Duty there is. I do not. I consider it to be the foundation of an amazing series that still holds up to this day. This iteration of Call of Duty had some of the best maps ever in Call of Duty. This game also happens to be the game that I did the best in online. This was not my first Call of Duty, I never played it at the height of its popularity, so maybe I’m biased, or maybe I’m not biased and all the people who played this on release day are the ones who are biased. I don’t really know. All I know is that this game has some of the best multiplayer I have ever seen in a game. There are some bad things about this game though. Spec Ops was boring and uninteresting, and pretty much the same goes for the story. I didn’t enjoy myself while playing campaign, and at times it felt like a chore to complete. Many people say they only play Call of Duty for the multiplayer, so all that matters is the multiplayer, but I like playing through story modes, and I like playing little, fun, bonus modes. Overall, this is a fantastic game, and I am sure that I’m one of the very few that doesn’t have this game top my list.

Favorite Gun: M40A3

Favorite Map: Crash

Number 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops



I consider Black Ops to be the best overall Call of Duty game. It has a great campaign, a great side mode (Zombies), a great multiplayer, and tons of great easter eggs. But this isn’t the list of the best Call of Duty games, this is a list of my personal favorite Call of Duty games, and there is one game I like better than this. Anyways, this game has the best campaign I have ever seen in a FPS game. It had Hollywood Stars, like Sam Worthington and Gary Oldman, voicing the characters, it had an insane plot twist at the end that I did not see coming at all, there were tons of intense moments like the russian roulette scene, and it had an actual interesting story that I cared about. It also had the best rendition of the Zombies mode ever, a fun mini-game called Dead Ops Arcade, and an interactive menu screen. The multiplayer was great too. It added great new killstreaks like Napalm Strikes, Blackbirds, and Dogs. It also added a bunch of fun new customization options for your classes, and had some of the best sound in a Call of Duty game. This game also had some of the best maps and guns ever in a Call of Duty game, like the MP5K, the Spectre, the AUG, the G11, the Crossbow, and much, much more. The hit detection in this game is pretty bad, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Favorite Gun: AUG

Favorite Map: Nuketown

Number 1: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2



MW2 is my favorite Call of Duty. Black Ops is very close but MW2 beats it by just a little bit. This game was my first Call of Duty, and with that, it introduced me to a whole other world of gaming. Before I will get into the multiplayer I’ll just say that the campaign is a fun ride with memorable missions, like “No Russian”, and the Spec Ops mode is an improved-on version of CoD4’s Spec Ops, but it is still pretty mediocre. Alright, on to the fun part. The multiplayer for this game is the best I have ever seen in a game. Period. While it does have some issues like the noobtubers, the commando knifing, and the hacking, it still is incredible. I have two main reasons why this game is great. 1: Every gun is fun to use, and 2: There is no map I dislike. Yes, that’s right every map is fun to me. There is also one more thing that highly effected my love for this game: my demolition class. Demolition was my favorite game mode and I had the best demolition class ever. I don’t remember it entirely but I believe it was: Ump45 silenced, Spas-12 with grip, tactical insertion, concussion grenades, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim. I can remember it now, constantly having ninja defuses and placing my tactical insertions in the perfect spot, right next to the bomb. Anyways, my point is that my personal experience with this game was fantastic and I have had no better multiplayer experience.

Favorite Gun: UMP45

Favorite Map: Highrise

Thanks For Reading! I hope you agreed with this list, and if you didn’t, that’s okay because we are allowed to have different opinions. I plan to do a Top 10 Call of Duty Maps list soon!

Upcoming Reviews


Hello. I am back again with an announcement for future blog posts. I plan to review the new UFC game that came out a couple days ago, and I just recently bought Call of Duty: Ghosts, so I will review that as well. I am also thinking about a top 10 list of my favorite UFC fighters and a list of all of the Call of Duty games in order of my preference. The UFC stuff should be up soon.



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