NFL Week Four Predictions


Quite unfortunately, I was extremely busy this week, so I do not have the time to write my explanations but do not expect to see this often. My prediction record is 25-23 which is about a 52% correction percentage.

New York Giants VS Washington Redskins

Winner: Washington Redskins.

Buffalo Bills VS Houston Texans

Winner: Houston Texans.

Carolina Panthers VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

Green Bay Packers VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Chicago Bears.

Detroit Lions VS New York Jets

Winner: Detroit Lions.

Tennessee Titans VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

Miami Dolphins VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: Oakland Raiders.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jacksonville Jaguars VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

Atlanta Falcons VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

Philadelphia Eagles VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

New Orleans Saints VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: New Orleans Saints.

New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: New England Patriots.


NFL Week Three Predictions


Last week was just awful for the NFL. Tons of botched calls, terrible refereeing, thousands of flags, and worst of all: The indefinite suspension of quite possibly the greatest player in the NFL. I won’t go too in depth with the Adrian Peterson suspension, other than what it provides to the Vikes’ season this year. Although, the thing that upset me the most last week was the fact that there was a touchdown that shouldn’t have been, and a touchdown that should have been. But now on to my prediction record. Quite unlike going 11-5 in predictions last week, I ended up going 5-11, so I’m at 16-16. which, if you couldn’t tell, is exactly 50% of the predictions being correct. I’m looking to further improve on that record so why don’t we just get started?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

While I do still think that Atlanta is a great team, this pick is mostly on the fact that Tampa Bay is a pretty bad team. It was quite funny when I realized that the team that I thought had a very big chance to make the playoffs, ended up being a team that is probably in the mid 20s in my little mental power rankings. But, I digress. The Atlanta Falcons are still a legit team after Week 2, and they haven’t dropped down at all in my mind. While i did say that the Falcons were going to win last week, I may have forgotten how bad the Falcons D is, and how important Jake Matthews is to that offensive line. Anyways, expect a big game out of the Falcons’ passing attack.

San Diego Chargers VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

Both the Bills and the Chargers impressed me last week, showing me that I was severely undervaluing them, and I seriously thought that Buffalo’s win against Chicago was a total fluke, but now I know better now. Unlike some other people I know, I expect this game to be rather close and the winner will go to whoever plays better Offense, and I think that goes to the Chargers. I believe that Keenan Allen and Sammy Watkins will have great games. Expect 80+ yards from both of them.

Baltimore Ravens VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

Similar to the last matchup, both teams impressed me. Specifically the Browns’ defense and the Ravens’ defense. My main reason for picking the Browns over the Ravens this week, is mainly due to the fact that I found the Browns’ win over the Saints more impressive than Baltimore’s win over Pittsburgh. Again, similar to the last matchup, I think the winner is whoever has the better offense and the Ravens’ offense looks thoroughly average to me. I expect Terrance West to dominate the run game with 100+ rushing yards.

Tennessee Titans VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

A complete mismatch here as The Bengals are much better on offense and defense. Not much of a contest at all, and I wholeheartedly expect the Bengals to dominate this game, especially on the ground, so i think Giovani Bernard could quite possibly the highest scoring RB in Fantasy this week.

Dallas Cowboys VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

Definitely one of the least interesting games of the week, but I expect the Cowboys to win mainly because their defense surprised last week, and their offense is significantly better than the Rams’. I think DeMarco Murray will absolutely wreck with 120+ rushing yards and a touchdown or two.

Green Bay Packers VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

I think this game will be quite close with probably a lot of throwing from both sides. Though I do expect Eddie Lacy to have a great game unlike the last two, which, if you didn’t know, he was playing probably the top two running defenses in the game. Don’t expect a crazy game out of Jordy this week as last week was up against the Jets’ secondary, which is probably one of the worst in the game. I don’t expect any players to stand out other than the QBs of both teams.

Houston Texans VS New York Giants

Winner: Houston Texans.

JJ Watt is the newest great TE of NFL history and will get 20 touchdowns and 500 receiving yards this game! Of course, I’m kidding, but, in all seriousness, I think the Texans dominate this game on both sides of the ball. They have a better offense and a monstrously better defense. Expect them to get the lead early and rush a lot, which means Arian Foster will get most likely around 110+ rushing yards and somewhere around 2 touchdowns. Also, FYI, I seriously think that Arian Foster might be number one in rushing yards this year. My only question is: Why didn’t I draft him in Fantasy Earlier?

Indianapolis Colts VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

If you follow football in any way, shape, or form, you do not need any explanation.

Oakland Raiders VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

Refer back to the previous matchup’s explanation.

Minnesota Vikings VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: New Orleans Saints.

Even though the Vikings have lost Peterson and got absolutely wrecked by the Patriots last week, I still think this game will still stay somewhat competitive, and if Teddy Bridgewater were starting, I would almost say that the Vikings win this won. But, Matt Cassel is starting, not Teddy. I expect Cordarelle Patterson and Jimmy Graham to have monster games.

Washington Redskins VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

It was injury-city for the Redskins last week, and yet they still managed to rout the Jaguars, whom I expected to win. But that won’t help them against the Eagles, who have quickly become one of the best teams in the NFC this year. The Redskins Defense is simply not good enough to fend off Shady McCoy and Darren Sproles. Expect big games from the pair of them.

San Francisco 49ers VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

This will probably be the closest game of the week and to be completely honest, I’m still not entirely sure if the 49ers are the right way to go, but with Palmer out, the production of the offense is sure to drop. Expect this to be a low-scoring affair with no clear MVP of the game.

Denver Broncos VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

If this were in any other stadium, I would have said that the Broncos win this one, but the 12th man might be too much for the Broncos to handle, especially in combination with the Legion of Boom. I would definitely say that if Russell Wilson can find his groove like in week one, this won’t be a fun game for Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

With major injuries to Miami’s Offense and Kansas City’s Defense, I expect the Dolphins to eek out a victory here. This includes a lot of yards coming from Mike Wallace and the Dolphins’ passing game. With Moreno out, the Dolphins will look more like the Denver Broncos than the New York Jets.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Carolina Panthers.

This game will probably be the biggest blowout after the Raiders game and the Jags game. Both the defense and offense of Carolina have looked great so far, this year, and I expect this pattern to continue. Unfortunately for Kelvin Benjamin fantasy owners, it seems as if Cam newton is bent on spreading the ball around a lot, so I wouldn’t start Kelvin if I were you, and in fact I am you, because I actually do have Benjamin in one of my leagues so… Yeah, don’t start Kelvin. The Steelers haven’t shown me anything to make me think they will win this week.

Chicago Bears VS New York Jets

Winner: New York Jets

Before I analyze this matchup I just want to say that the Jets were definitely cheated out of, at least, a chance to win on Sunday, because, if you didn’t watch the game or hear about it, The Jets completed a touchdown pass to tie the game up, late in the fourth quarter, but it was nullified when the Refs revealed that Rex Ryan called a timeout before the play started. Which all seems fine, but there was one thing wrong: Rex Ryan didn’t call a timeout, the Jets’ offensive coordinator did, and the rules state that the only player who can call a timeout on the sideline is the coach, and is an offensive coordinator a coach? No. I was absolutely dumbfounded to find out that no one seemed to be as angry about this as I was, with little of it being mentioned on some sports channels, and some that didn’t even mention that Rex Ryan didn’t call a timeout, and were, in fact, making fun of him for saying to the Refs that he wasn’t the one to call a timeout. That’s a case of bad reporting, if I have ever heard of. Anyways, on to this week’s Monday Night Matchup. As stated earlier the Jets could’ve won against the Packers, and overall, the Jets have been looking pretty good to me, so I think this game will be a shootout between Geno Smith and Jay Cutler, but I think that the Jets defense is a bit better, and if their pass rush can disturb Cutler, he might lose the game for the Bears. Expect big games out of Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, and whoever gets the most touches in the Jets’ backfield.

Well, I think we have made it through possibly the worst week of the NFL I have ever gone through, so let’s just hope this week isn’t any worse, but with the recent reports that AP’s career with the Vikings might be over, the arrest of Jonathan Dwyer on Domestic Violence charges (Another one? Really?), and Roger Goodell ignoring a report of Brandon Marshall’s legal issues in past years, this week could possibly be just that: The Worst Week in NFL History.

NFL Week Two Predictions


Week One of the best sport on earth has ended, and to be honest, it was very exciting. Even if you were a fan of the Jaguars who blew their 17-0 lead, or the Rams, who were routed by the Vikings, who, not too long ago, were thought of as one of the worst teams in the NFC, you had to admit, this week was very exciting. A lot of upsets, and a lot of close games, this is the definitive opening week for the NFL. I am going to change up how these picks are structured, so that they are more structured toward the overall team performance rather than specific player performance. I predicted pretty well last week, going 11-5, which is about 69% for those of you who like percentages, me included. So I look to continue my good prediction record with this next week.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

Last week definitely looked bad for the Ravens. They were down by 15-0 at one point and ended up losing due to Joe Flacco being sacked. Twice! I think that last week was definitely a learning experience for the Ravens, and especially Flacco, who decided to scramble with mere seconds left in the half, in field goal range. As a Justin Tucker owner in my fantasy football league, I was definitely angered by this. But Flacco looked truly upset with himself, and I am willing to bet that after that game they definitely want a win. The Steelers looked good last week- at first. Soon after the second half ended the Browns started racking up points, and soon caught up to the Steelers. I really think the victory would have gone to whoever had the last possession. The Reasoning why I chose the Ravens is mainly due to, Flacco wanting revenge for basically single-handedly losing the game for the Ravens, and the fact that after Justin Forsett’s great game, the backfield in Baltimore seems a lot brighter, and ready to run. This week’s biggest performance should go to Justin Forsett. However, if the Ravens get behind early, Flacco could be in for a killer game.

Miami Dolphins VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins really impressed me last week. I thought that the running game would be awful but it seems the opposite was so, and to be completely honest, I expected the Dolphins D to be quite bad, but, as I said before, they impressed, and most importantly, surprised me. The Bills, however, didn’t impress me nearly as much. I’ll admit, I thought E.J. Manuel was trash, and he proved that he wasn’t, or at least he wasn’t against one of the worst defenses in the league. I think most of the Bills win was due to the Bears constantly shooting themselves in the foot with interceptions and anything involving the god-awful, disgusting play of safety, Chris Conte. Expect the Dolphins to win by a double-digit margin, and if you’re looking for some fantasy advice, START MORENO.

New Orleans Saints VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: New Orleans Saints

While the Saints did lose last week, I was surprised by two players: Mark Ingram and Brandin Cooks. I never believed that Ingram had the talent to be a good running back in the NFL, and unlike seemingly everyone else, I didn’t jump on the Brandin Cooks hype train. But I was proven wrong by both of them. The Browns, on the other hand, did nothing of the sort. They performed about how I expected them to last week, and I expect them to perform that way once again. Yes, I think that they will do terrible in the first half, and start an unsuccessful comeback attempt, in which the play by pretty much everyone improves. One major difference though: The game won’t be nearly as close.

Detroit Lions VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Detroit Lions

The Lions Defense looked a lot better than I thought they would last night, and so did the offense. I now expect the Lions to be better than they have ever been before. The Panthers went along the same lines on Sunday, except that they won’t be as good. While Derek Anderson did thoroughly impress me, it’s not like that’s really going to matter in this game, or even in the long run. Expect Joique Bell and Golden Tate to have surprisingly good games in the win over Carolina.

Atlanta Falcons VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Atlanta Falcons

The prediction I am most proud of from last week, the Falcons OT win against New Orleans. As I have told everyone who have doubted Atlanta’s production this season, this is not the same team from last year. This is a team with All-Star Julio Jones, an uninjured Roddy White and a overall improvement of last year’s team. I expect this game to be similar to last week’s game with Atlanta but this time, I say that the Falcons and the Bengals stay pretty even the whole time, but in the second half, Cincinnati brings their game up a notch and the Falcons have to come back from a deficit to win the game, and they will- no Overtime for Atlanta this week.

Dallas Cowboys VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Tennessee Titans

This is the season where the Titans finally step away from their mediocre status and step up to become one of the biggest surprises of the year. Speaking of surprises, I was quite surprised by the awfulness of the Cowboys offense, or I guess you could say “Awfense”. All terrible jokes aside, I expect the Cowboys to have an unspectacular season at best. This game includes two of my least favorite teams so I couldn’t bare to speak any more of this matchup, other than saying, Kendall Wright will have a great game.

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Washington Redskins

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Bold Prediction: The Washington Redskins will be the worst team in the NFL this year. That is, unless Freshman year RG3 comes back and shows us what we have been expecting from him for almost 2 years. The Jaguars really made an impact last week. They did lose, but they proved that their team can be as strong as at least an average NFL team at times. The Redskins have proved no such thing and in fact further proved that their offense and defense, well, stink. Expect this to be a relatively close game but with the Jaguars winning comfortably. And, by the way, Allen Hurns is not going to repeat that performance.

New England Patriots VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

I guess you could call this the surprise of the week, but I have a good feeling about the Vikings after they ripped apart the supposedly great Rams D. The Patriots Defense wasn’t as good as expected so I expect a similar offensive performance out of Minnesota. Expect this to be a complete shootout, but the X-Factor for the Vikings is none other than, one of my favorite NFL players, Cordarelle Patterson. His speed alone, could beat anyone on the Patriots, and after seeing Grantland’s “Need For Speed” article, which can be found here: , I discovered that the Patriots are the slowest team in the NFL. Now with Cordarelle Patterson facing that slow D, expect him to have a monster game.

Arizona Cardinals VS New York Giants

Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Do I need to explain this pick? Really, that’s a serious question, because The Giants look about as ridiculous as ever, with one of the worst defenses in the NFL, and one of the biggest falls a Super Bowl MVP will ever have. When I think Giants, I think one word: Ew. They are as disgusting to watch as a bug is to look at. You might as well call them the New York Gnats. In all seriousness, the Giants are one mess of an offense, and with Andre Ellington’s soft workload yesterday to prepare him for future games, the Giants could be in for a beating.

Seattle Seahawks VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Bold Prediction: The Seattle Seahawks will be the Super Bowl XLIX champs. Their team is basically the same as last year, except Russell Wilson has more experience under his belt, and from the result of that, he is a better quarterback. While the Chargers are certainly a good team, they are no match for the defensive juggernaut that is the Seattle Seahawks.

St. Louis Rams VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Or I guess you could say: “Oh how the average have fallen”. The Rams definitely went from a potential playoff team to one of the worst teams in the NFC. Especially with the Rams being in the NFC West, they will not end up with a great record at all. And with an injured backup quarterback, there is no reason to expect the Rams to win this game.

Kansas City Chiefs VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos

The Chiefs have nothing close to a good defense without Derrick Johnson, and that’s what their working with against the Broncos offense. To make matters even worse the Broncos Defense is most certainly better than the Titans, and this game ain’t in Kansas anymore. Or I guess you would say Kansas City, since Kansas does not have Kansas City in it. Anyways, expect this to be the biggest blowout of the week.

New York Jets VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers

One of the worst secondaries against one of the best passing attacks? This game will be a nightmare for the Jets, which really hurts me because the Jets are one of my favorite teams. While New York’s offense may be more than competent, that will be nothing compared to Aaron Rodgers and his receiving corps. Nevertheless, expect this to be a relatively close game.

Houston Texans VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: Houston Texans

The Raiders proved only one thing last week and that is Derek Carr is better than Matt Schaub. A lot better. But that’s not saying much as every other starting quarterback in the NFL is a lot better than Matt Schaub. This game won’t be a good one, in that it will most certainly not be a close one. There is one thing i am absolutely sure of, and I think that my Fantasy RB rankings show this: Arian Foster will dominate this game, and dominate it hard. The Raiders will stand no chance against my nominee for Comeback Player of the Year.

Chicago Bears VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

While I do love my Chicago Bears, I will not allow that bias to cloud my judgment. The 49ers will destroy the Bears. An good offense against an amazing defense and a good offense against a terrible defense. A pretty obvious choice for the winner here. Even with the probable contributions of Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, the Bears won’t stand a chance.

Philadelphia Eagles VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Probably one of the closest games of the week, and such a good one for Monday night. However, once you compare the offense and defense of the Eagles and the Colts, it’s pretty safe to assume that the Colts are overall a slightly better team. Expect this to be a really close game with a lot of passing and usage of LeSean McCoy by the Eagles. In the end though, it really won’t matter because as everyone knows, the Colts are the Comeback Kings. I suppose you could call this match, the Comeback Kids VS the Comeback Kings. Both staged comebacks last week. One was successful, one wasn’t. Although the defense of the Jaguars are certainly worse than the defense of the Broncos.

And that’s all folks! Hope you all have a great fantasy week, and I hope my great predictions continue!

NFL Week One Predictions


This post starts my new- I guess you can call it a series- of predictions for the NFL games week by week, and at the end of the season I will compare the Overall record I predicted of a team to the actual NFL record. So without further ado, Here are my NFL Week One Predictions!

Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks. Notables- I believe that Marshawn Lynch will have a great day on the ground, maybe around 80 or 90 rushing yards and at least one touchdown. I also think that Randall Cobb will be the best receiver for the Packers with about 90 or 100 receiving yards.

Buffalo Bills VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Chicago Bears. Notables – Absolute blowout win by Chicago. A Great game for both Marshall and Jeffery, although I do not expect Santonio Holmes to make much of an impact. I also think that CJ Spiller will not be very productive and the best player for the Bills will be either Fred Jackson or Sammy Watkins, even with his injury concerns.

Cleveland Browns VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers. Notables- I think that this will be a very close game. Antonio Brown won’t have the greatest game due to Joe Haden- Maybe 40 or 50 yards with possibly a touchdown. I do, however, expect Le’Veon Bell and Markus Wheaton to have great games. I think that Ben Tate will have an alright game with possibly around 65 or so rushing yards and a TD. I also think Jordan Cameron will have monster game with 100+ receiving yards and a touchdown or 2.

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles. Notables- The Eagles will absolutely slaughter the Jags, as long as Henne stays in as QB. LeSean McCoy will have one of the best games of his season so far with probably 150+ rushing yards and around 2 touchdowns. The only player I expect to have at least a small amount of success is Toby Gerhart, but due to the Eagles gaining the lead so early, he won’t see the ball too much.

New England Patriots VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: New England Patriots. Notables- I think that Tom Brady and Gronk will have fantastic games. I expect Brady to get 320+ passing yards and Rob Gronkowski to get 100+ receiving yards and 2 TDs.

New Orleans Saints VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons. Notables- The Falcons are back. I may be a bit biased due to the Falcons being one of my favorite teams of all time, but the reason why the Falcons went from 13-3 to 4-12 was injuries, especially to their receivers, and guess who is back for the Falcons? Julio Jones! I expect Julio to have a monster game with 200+ yards and at least one Touchdown. I think this game will be close though, possibly going to Overtime. I think Jimmy graham will also have a great game with 130+ receiving yards and 2 touchdowns,

Carolina Panthers VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Notables- Even with the strong chance that Cam is playing, I still think the Panthers lose. I expect Kelvin Benjamin and Jerricho Cotchery to have pretty okay games, with at least 50 yards a piece. I also think that Doug Martin will have a fantastic rushing day with 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns.

Indianapolis Colts VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos. Notables- I expect Peyton and Demaryius to have fantastic games, with 300+ passing yards and at least 3 touchdowns for Peyton, and 90+ yards for Thomas and maybe 2 touchdowns or so. I think that Trent Richardson will once again prove that the Browns came out on top in that 2013 trade.

Cincinnati Bengals VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals. Notables- I think AJ Green will have a monstrous game with at least 160 receiving yards. Also, I think Giovani Bernard will have a nice game as well, with 60+ rushing yards and 20+ receiving yards and at least one TD in either receiving or rushing. I expect Torrey Smith to be the top player for the Ravens with 80+ receiving yards.

Washington Redskins VS Houston Texans

Winner: Houston Texans. Notables- I think DeAndre Hopkins will be a nice surprise with 70+ receiving yards and perhaps a touchdown or two. I also think that Arian Foster will have one of the best games of his season with 150+ rushing yards and a touchdown. I don’t expect anything special from Redskins, except for maybe a nice game from Morris, but nothing passing-wise.

Tennessee Titans VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner Kansas City Chiefs. Notables- I expect this to be a pretty close game. I don’t think Jamaal will be too great. I only expect 70 yards or so without any touchdowns. However, I do expect Tight End, Travis Kelce, to have a great game with 100+ receiving yards. I believe that neither Sankey nor Greene will get many yards at all, but I do expect Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter to have pretty good games with 70+ yards and at least a touchdown for one of them.

Minnesota Vikings VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: St. Louis Rams. Notables- I expect Zac Stacy to have a great game with 80+ rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, possibly even 3! This game will be really close, however, with Greg jennings getting a surprising 70+ yard game. I expect Cordarelle Patterson or Adrian Peterson to break out a long run/reception, and speaking of AP, i expect him to have no less than 100 yards and a touchdown.

Oakland Raiders VS New York Jets

Winner: New York Jets. Notables- I expect the entire Raider team to completely flop and not even get double-digits on the scoreboard. I also think that Eric Decker and Chris Johnson will have good games, with 80+ receiving yards and 90+ rushing yards respectively. I also expect both of them to get at least a touchdown and maybe 2 for CJ2K. Geno Smith will definitely have one of the nicer games of the season.

San Francisco 49ers VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: San Francisco 49ers. Notables- i expect this game to be a lot closer than you would think and I believe the Niners will only win by about 10 points. With all the injuries to the 49ers defense, and the naturally awful Cowboys Defense, I expect this to be a shootout. Crabtree will have a great game with 110+ receiving yards, and Dez Bryant will also have a great game with 150+ receiving yards and a touchdown.

New York Giants VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions. Notables- I expect this to be an absolute blowout game, without even a real competition. Joique Bell and Reggie Bush will both get 40+ rushing yards and 40+ receiving yards. Megatron will have a monster game with an expected 200 receiving yard game and at least one TD. I also expect Matt Stafford to have a great game with 350+ passing yards.

San Diego chargers VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Arizona Cardinals. Notables- I exxpect Ellington to have a rather nice game with 70+ rushing yards and around one or two touchdowns. I think Michael Floyd will end up doing better than Fitzgerald with 80+ receiving yards and Fitzgerald only having 60+ receiving yards. I expect Ryan Matthews to have an okay game with 75+ rushing yards and a touchdown. I believe Keenan Allen will have the best game of the bunch with 90+ receiving yards and a touchdown.

Well there you have it, my predictions for Week One, now if you don’t mind i’m gonna go ahead and play Madden 15 now.

Top 25 Fantasy Tight-Ends


Here is a list of my top 25 recommended Fantasy Tight-Ends! (No IDPs, no PPR.)

Tier 1: Jimmy!

1: Jimmy Graham

Tier 2: The Top TEs

2: Rob Gronkowski

3: Julius Thomas

4: Jordan Cameron

5: Vernon Davis

Tier 3: Better-Than-Average TEs

6: Dennis Pitta

7: Greg Olsen

8: Jason Witten

Tier 4: Average TEs

9: Kyle Rudolph

10: Jordan Reed

11: Zach Ertz

12: Travis Kelce

13: Martellus Bennett

14: Charles Clay

Tier 5: Lower-Than-Average TEs

15: Heath Miller

16: Dwayne Allen

17: LaDarius Green

18: Timothy Wright

19: Antonio Gates

20: Tyler Eifert

21: Delanie Walker

Tier 6: Backup TEs

22: Eric Ebron

23: Jace Amaro

24: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

25: Andrew Quarless

Top 40 Fantasy Wide Receivers


Here is a list of my top 40 recommended Fantasy Wide Receivers! (No IDPs, no PPR.)

Tier 1: Top Scorers

1: Calvin Johnson

2: Demaryius Thomas

3: Dez Bryant

4: AJ Green

Tier 2: Great WR1s

5: Brandon Marshall

6: Julio Jones

7: Antonio Brown

8: Jordy Nelson

Tier 3: Low-End WR1s

9: Randall Cobb

10: Alshon Jeffery

11: Keenan Allen

Tier 4: WR2s

12: Vincent Jackson

13: Michael Crabtree

14: Victor Cruz

15: Larry Fitzgerald

16: Pierre Garcon

17: Torrey Smith

18: Cordarelle Patterson

19: Roddy White

Tier 5: Bordering WR2 and FLEX

20: Andre Johnson

21: Eric Decker

22: T.Y. Hilton

23: DeSean Jackson

24: Golden Tate

25: Percy Harvin

26: Michael Floyd

27: Wes Welker

Tier 6: Bordering FLEX and Number One Back-Up

28: Julian Edelman

29: Kendall Wright

30: Mike Wallace

31: Terrance Williams

32: Emmanuel Sanders

33: Reggie Wayne

34: Jeremy Maclin

Tier 7: Great Depth Players

35: Kelvin Benjamin

36: Marques Colston

37: Sammy Watkins

38: Mike Evans

39: Justin Hunter

40: James Jones