NFL Week Nine Predictions


For the second week in a row I have predicted ten games correctly and five games incorrectly, which brings me to an overall record of 68-52 which brings me to about a 57% correction rate, which inches me closer to 65%. Alright, Week 9, let’s face it, I hate you. 3 of my top 5 favorite teams are not even playing in you, and you have quite a bit of stinkers, but you make up for it with some interesting match-ups. Unfortunately, those match-ups contain some of my least favorite teams. Well, at least you exist, and I would prefer a terrible week nine, over a nonexistent week nine. So, Let’s get to the picks!

New Orleans Saints VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Carolina Panthers.

One of the few interesting matches this week, but unfortunately, being a Falcons fan, these are two of my least favorite teams! To be honest I couldn’t care less who wins this game, but I would rather pick than not to, and I hate the Saints more than I hate the Panthers, and Kelvin Benjamin is pretty cool too, so I guess I pick the Panthers, but let’s be real. They both stink.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

I’m gonna be straight up. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the worst team in the NFL. I don’t care that they beat the Steelers and I don’t care that the Raiders haven’t even won a game, I just think the Buccaneers have the least amount of talent on their team, and with the loss of Mark Barron, they’re even worse. Go Browns!

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals are good, the Jaguars are not. Done and done.

Arizona Cardinals VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Cardinals.

This game, being one of the few interesting match-ups, had me pondering quite a while. The Cowboys seem like a more complete team, but the Cardinals have that motivation I was talking about last week. Completeness VS Motivation. Hmph. I like Motivation better, and I, quite frankly, just like the Cards better than America’s team.

Philadelphia Eagles VS Houston Texans

Winner: Houston Texans.

I take the Texans over the Eagles this week because I have a gut feeling that Houston will be firing on all cylinders this weekend, and I see them beating Philly in a shootout. And the last three times I have had a strong gut feeling (Baltimore over Pittsburgh, Cardinals over Eagles, and Pittsburgh over Indy) I ended up being correct, so how ’bout them Texans?

New York Jets VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs.

A team that has a terrible offense and a pretty bad defense up against a team with a relatively good offense and a great defense. This one seems like an obvious choice to me.

San Diego Chargers VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

Not much to say about this game, in my opinion. While this looks to be a close one, I just don’t really care for either team. Dolphins win! Blah.

Washington Redskins VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Washington Redskins.

The Redskins have RGIII back this game, which only means one thing: No more terrible Kirk Cousins. While Griffin coming back wouldn’t have really changed that, there is always a chance that Colt McCoy could get injured and then Cousins would be back. Bleh. Gross. I see this being a close game, and I am looking forward to seeing it.

St. Louis Rams VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

Even though the Niners won in their last game against St. Louis, it seems like they were embarrassed, so I feel like San Francisco will come out with an explosive offense, and a stout defense.

Denver Broncos VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

While both teams seem to be on fire, one has to lose, and I’m giving the W to New England purely because it is a home game.

Oakland Raiders VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

The Raiders Stink.

Baltimore Ravens VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

So by my prediction, the Steelers split the series with the Ravens, which makes total sense to me. The Steelers and the Ravens are very similar teams except the Steelers offense is a bit better than the Ravens’, and the Ravens Defense is a bit better than the Steelers’. I’m not sure what else I should say. Antonio Brown… What a guy.

Indianapolis Colts VS New York Giants

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

This was another one of those “It’s a close game but I really don’t care about it” type of games, and so, I chose the Colts to bounce back at Metlife this week because… I don’t like the Giants. To be honest I don’t like the Colts either, but they are clearly the better team, even without Vontae Davis, who I don’t whether or not he is coming back this week. I haven’t really been paying attention to his status.

Well there they are, my picks of the week.


This week is gonna suck.


NFL Week Eight Predictions


So I went 10-5 last week, which may I say, is not too shabby. I’m at 58-47 which is a 55% chance of predicting a game correctly. I’m steadily building a record that is getting closer to my goal of 65%, which I never clearly stated but I’ve always been sort of thinking about. Any who, let’s get to the picks!

San Diego Chargers VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are on fire and, while the Chargers are good, I don’t think they can win out against the hot Denver team.

Detroit Lions VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Detroit Lions.

I live in the Central time zone so this game is at 8:30. 8:30!!! I understand that in some other places in the world people have to wake up at ridiculous times to watch NFL games, but when you are used to 12:00 games being the very earliest, it’s hard not to complain. Anyways, the Falcons have looked really bad since Week 4, and I don’t see their luck turning around against the best defense in the NFL. Heck, one of the best teams in the NFL! IF you told a Detroit fan ,in a time before 2010, that the team would be a serious contender, I’m sure they would scoff at you, and say “Yeah, right!” But here we are. Anyways, with Golden Tate showing that he can be a number one receiver, and the chances that Megatron could comeback, I expect Detroit’s offense to be incredible on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills VS New York Jets

Winner: New York Jets.

I’m not sure what to think of the Jets at the moment. They were garbage for 5 straight weeks and then they looked like a damn good team against the Patriots in Foxborough, during primetime. They also grabbed a skillful player in Percy Harvin last week, and I expect him to make a real impact. The Bills almost lost to the Vikings! That alone gives me confidence enough to say that the Jets have a real shot at winning this game.

Baltimore Ravens VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

I don’t care that the Bengals looked terrible last week, and that the Ravens have looked great all year. Call me stubborn, but I still believe in the Bengals.

Seattle Seahawks VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks looked okay last week. Their offense looked good but their defense looked bad. I still expect them to beat a much inferior team in the Panthers. I suppose you could say I’m still on the Seattle hype train, but it looks as though that everyone else has jumped off this train…

Chicago Bears VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

The Chicago Bears are probably one of the most unpredictable teams in the NFL… Except when they play at 12:00. They’ve lost every single 12:00 game this year, and people have called me crazy for using that as my reason for having them lose to the Dolphins… and how did that work out?

Houston Texans VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Tennessee Titans.

It’s two lackluster teams but one of them is starting a new, rookie Quarterback, so why not take a risk and go for the Titans. Good luck Zach Mettenburger, you’ll need it!

Miami Dolphins VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins are great, Jags still suck even though they won. That’s all you need to know about this matchup!

St. Louis Rams VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: St. Louis Rams.

Normally I would say that the Chiefs would win but I like Austin Davis and I feel like taking some risks today, so I’m all for the Rams on this one.

Minnesota Vikings VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Jerick McKinnon.

The reason why I say McKinnon instead of the whole Vikings team is because I think he will completely carry them on sunday, and the Bucs Defense is about as good as defending as DeMarco Murray is at not rushing for 100+ yards every game.

Philadelphia Eagles VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals might be the first team ever to play in the Super Bowl on their home turf. It probably won’t happen, but it could. And with the Seahawks showing that they might not be the Defensive Dynasty that everyone thought they were, I think that the Cards have some real motivation to make it to the Super Bowl, and winning this game could be pivotal part of that dream.

Oakland Raiders VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

The Raiders Stink.

Indianapolis Colts VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Even though the Colts seem like the obvious choice, I have a really good, gut feeling about them this week, and as I said earlier, I feel like taking some risks. Expect Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell to just go off against a pretty good defense at Heinz Field.

Green Bay Packers VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

Before the season started, this would probably be my pick for game of the year. But, the Saints ended up being a team that has probably been more disappointing than any other team in the NFL. I expect a win for the Packers, and I don’t expect it to be close.

Washington Redskins VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

BLOWOUT ALERT! The only way this game ends up being somewhat competitive is if RGIII is back, and odds are he isn’t.

That was incredibly frustrating to write. For some reason I just can’t type today. Thank god that’s over!

NFL Week Seven Predictions


After going 9-5 last week, I am starting to feel more confident about my picks, each and every week. I am currently at 48-42 and that’s a 53% chance of picking a game correctly. I suppose one could say that I went 8-7 due to the Tie and the fact that I said the Redskins would win. But, I do not count ties as a loss because I, simply, will never predict a tie, so I just pretend that the game didn’t happen. I also was incorrect in my Redskins win prediction, but I clearly stated that if Carson Palmer plays then the Cardinals win the game, and if you weren’t aware, Carson Palmer played on Sunday. I was quite close to going 10-4, but, unfortunately, the Dolphins decided to lose in the final seconds of the Packers game, so lucky me. Anyways, on to the picks!

New York Jets VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

It seems as though the worrywarts of Foxborough have finally accepted that the Patriots are a legit team and there are no Tom Brady troubles and they will go 12-4 for the tenth time in a row. Also, Geno Smith is terrible, so the Pats win this one.

Cincinnati Bengals VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

I really like the Bengals this year. Even though they lost AJ Green, and they did terrible against New England, I still really like them this year. The oddest part about this line of thinking is that at the beginning of the year I was thinking that the Bengals would bust this year, with a projected record of 6-10. But then again I did predict the Jaguars going 8-8 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going 10-6, so that just goes to show how worthless pre-season predictions are worth.

Seattle Seahawks VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

While the Super Bowl Champs did lose last week, I still don’t feel like I have to explain my reasoning for this pick.

Tennessee Titans VS Washington Redskins

Winner: Washington Redskins.

The Titans should’ve lost to the Jaguars. THE JAGUARS! That alone is enough to explain this pick. Also, the Redskins had a relatively nice game against the Cards at home.

Carolina Panthers VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

Even though the Panthers were solid last week and decent against the Bears, I just don’t see them stopping the Packers. Not much else to say about this game other than if Eddie Lacy’s name was not Eddie Lacy, he would’ve been benched weeks ago.

Cleveland Browns VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

I don’t think there is one person who thinks the Jaguars will win this week… Except maybe Blake Bortles. But the point is the Jaguars are bad, and I think the Browns are definite Wild Card contender.

Atlanta Falcons VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

Last week I said that if the Falcons were in Chicago, they would’ve lost. Well, they were pretty much in Chicago, because there was a sea of Orange and Blue in the Georgia Dome, and the Bears fans just overpowered the Falcons fans, and as a result, the Falcons actually had to use the silent count. You can take back my statement about the Georgia Dome being one of the hardest places to play in. Thank god that Circus won’t be their home forever. Anyways, I believe this is my first projected loss for the Falcons. A sad day for all avian-kind. Except Ravens, of course.

Minnesota Vikings VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Buffalo Bills.

Teddy Bridgewater played really bad last week, and against a strong Buffalo defense, I don’t see him bouncing back, and with Cordarelle Patterson being complete garbage, and the announcement that Mike Zimmer wants to get Matt Asiata, or as I call him “Mr. 2 YPC”, more touches, this Minnesota team does not look good.

Miami Dolphins VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

The Bears have not won a single home game this year. The Bears have also not won a single 12:00 game this year. This game is in Chicago at 12:00. The Dolphins looked really good against the Packers, a team that beat the Bears pretty handily. Hmm, I wonder what will happen!

New Orleans Saints VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

The Saints will (most likely) not have Jimmy in this week, and Drew Brees has struggled against even the worst of defenses. The Lions have had one of the best defenses all year, and as a Lions Defense fantasy owner, I feel pretty comfortable starting them this week. The Saints defense is also the worst in the league, second to perhaps the Buccaneers D. I see this being a solid win for the Lions.

Kansas City Chiefs VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

I expect this to be a really close game. The Chiefs had looked good against a similar team, the Broncos, so I think that this could be the game of the week. Very excited to see this matchup.

New York Giants VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

I may have been a bit wrong about the Giants last week. Not a lot wrong, just a wee bit wrong. Either way, the Cowboys have a definite W this week, although their only loss was at home, so this could be a pretty close game.

Arizona Cardinals VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: Arizona Cardinals.

This is another case of: “If Carson is not in, the Cardinals lose”. Odds are Carson is in, so I say the Raiders lose this one. It also helps that the Raiders are basically trash, if it weren’t for the excellent play of Andre Holmes.

San Francisco 49ers VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos.

The 49ers do not look very good this year. The Broncos do look very good this year. I don’t see an issue with this pick. An easy win for the Broncos.

Houston Texans VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Houston Texans.

I found this to be the hardest game to pick. Both teams have looked mediocre, but I ended up choosing the Texans because I think DeAndre Hopkins is pretty cool, and I totally called that Arian Foster would be having a stud-like year.

There are my picks. Feel free to comment your picks this week, no explanation needed. Although no one reads this, so why do I bother?

NFL Week Six Predictions


So I went 9-6 last week, I guess I’m back to normal form then! Probably one of my better weeks, but the part that I find funny is that I was the best predictor in Week 1 which is generally considered the most unpredictable week! Quite strange, that is. so I believe my total record is 39-37 which means that I am correct in my predictions about 51.3% of the time. Not bad. Anyways, on to the picks.

Indianapolis Colts VS Houston Texans

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts have looked great so far, and against a team that is weak at Quarterback, I expect the dominance to continue, although, expect a huge game from J.J. Watt against the weak Colts O-Line.

New England Patriots VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo is one of the hardest places to win at. It’s right behind Century Link Field (Seattle) and the Georgia Dome (Atlanta). With a weak looking offense and a defense that has shown its weaknesses, I expect the Patriots to flounder against the Bills D. Also, with Kyle Orton at command of the Bills’ offense, I think they will start to become more productive and Sammy Watkins might start to look more like a rookie of the year than before. Don’t expect him to start now, however, as he’ll be mostly covered by Darrelle Revis.

Baltimore Ravens VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

So my streak with the Ravens ended last week. How sad. However, I expect them to bounce back this week, with big games from Steve Smith, Owen Daniels, and whoever is the runningback for the team. I mean, is it Pierce? Is it Forsett? Is it Lorenzo Taliaferro? Who is your starting runningback, Baltimore?! They have all looked good enough this season, so, no matter who, they’ll have a nice game.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have been looking pretty impressive this year, and the fact that they have Ben Tate back makes them even better. Tate showed off why he is the unquestioned starter in Cleveland last week, and while I don’t expect a great game out of him, he looks to be a consistent, high yardage player.

Carolina Panthers VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

Blowout Alert! Even though the Panthers beat the Bears last week, it was mostly due to mistakes made by the Bears. And even though the Bengals did pretty badly against the Pats last week, I expect them to go back to form, and while they are not quite ready for Prime Time, it seems like they are ready for any other time (including this game).

Denver Broncos VS New York Jets

Winner: Denver Broncos.

What has happened to the Jets? At the beginning of the season they were an underdog and now they are one of the worst teams in the league. As a fan of the Jets, I am disappointed, and while I don’t expect this to be a major blowout, the Jets will undoubtedly lose.

Detroit Lions VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Detroit Lions.

As strange as it sounds, I think the addition of Matt Prater has almost solved Detroit’s offensive issues. Besides the injury to Megatron, of course. If Detroit had a decent kicker last week, they would have won, and so I think that this game has a good chance of being a blowout, but I’m not totally committed to it so I’ll just say it won’t be close.

Green Bay Packers VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

I have no clue why, but I feel really good about the Dolphins this game. Miller looks good, Wallace looks good, and Tannehill looks good. The Defense has also looked relatively good, and besides the last two weeks, the Packers have looked pretty bad, especially Eddie Lacy, and the Defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Tennessee Titans.

I really wanted to choose the Jaguars here, but my brain got the best of my instinct. I mean, the Jags have to win sometime, right? But I suppose that it probably won’t be against the Titans, especially at home.

San Diego Chargers VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

I’m not sure if I have said this already, but I legitimately think the the Raiders could go 0-16. I’m not kidding. Besides Khalil Mack, Justin Tuck, and Charles Woodson, they don’t really have any talent on the team. San Diego has a lot of talent, and, in my opinion, is be a Super Bowl contender.

Chicago Bears VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

This is probably gonna be my favorite game of the season. The Falcons and the Bears are my two favorite teams, and they share my adoration equally. I only chose the Falcons because the game is in Georgia so that means the Falcons are at Super Bowl contender status. If this game was at Chicago, I would say that the Bears would win this one.

Dallas Cowboys VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

From now on, whenever it’s a Seahawks game and they’re not facing the Chargers or the Broncos, or some other fantastic team, I am not going to explain my reasoning for choosing the Seahawks.

Washington Redskins VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Washington Redskins.

I know it’s crazy but the Redskins looked good last week and the Cards didn’t. I feel like the Redskins have potential to become a high-scoring offense, and I have no clue who the starting QB is in Arizona. I will say that if Carson Palmer is starting, then the Cardinals will win, but otherwise, Washington has the W.

New York Giants VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: New York Giants.

What I previously thought was one of the most uninteresting teams in the NFL, has become one of the most interesting teams in the NFL, and they look good too. The Eagles’ QB, Nick Foles, has looked like garbage this year, and I don’t see anything miraculous coming from Shady so watch out for the Giants. They might just sneak out as a playoff team this year.

San Francisco 49ers VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

I think that Austin Davis has looked absolutely fantastic this year but that still won’t help the defensive woes and the effectiveness of San Francisco. Last week, I would’ve thought that this would be a blowout win for the 49ers, but now I think this might be one of the closest games of the season.

Well, I’m done now. I guess whoever wins in the Falcons-Bears match will be my favorite team. Hmph.


NFL Week Five Predictions


Well, hey there! I hope you all had some great fantasy weekends! I did, but unfortunately the team I faced was better. The week I broke the record for most points scored in a week for my league, my opponent does the same. Darn you, Cordarelle Patterson! Anyways, enough about my fantasy team. It’s prediction time and I went 5-8 with my picks last week which brings me to an overall record of 30-31, which means that I have about a 49.2% chance of getting a pick right. Hooray? I guess not, because I definitely prefer to have a positive record. Unluckily, this week I came down with somewhat of an illness so my descriptions will be a bit lacking but they will still get the job done, and, hey, it’s better than last week!

Minnesota Vikings VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers are a very strange team this year. They are 2-2 (Should be 1-3 or 1-2-1) and they have looked pretty bad in their two losses but they looked especially good last week, against a Bears team that, I thought, was back on track to have a great season. To be completely honest if Teddy Bridgewater was playing for the Vikes tonight, I think I would go with Minnesota, but since it was just announced that he’s inactive, it looks like Green Bay’s winning tonight.

Buffalo Bills VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

Even though Buffalo got rid of EJ Manuel from the starting lineup, I still think that the Lions will be a defensive powerhouse on Sunday and will get the W. I don’t expect anything great out of Orton and the Bills’ offense at all.

Baltimore Ravens VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore has been my lucky team this year, where every single pick I have chosen for them, contrary to popular belief or not, has gone my way. I look for this to continue and if you think that Andrew Luck is the best QB this year, check their schedule so far. Broncos, Eagles, Jaguars, Titans. Besides the Broncos, those are some of the worst defenses in the NFL. Go Ravens! Oh, and by the way, Steve Smith’s production will most likely not continue in the coming weeks so I would trade him now, Steve Smith fantasy owners.

Cleveland Browns VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have Ben Tate back and, in the little time he has gotten, he has been great. I expect absolute domination from the Browns this game, especially if Locker is out. Also if you are a Ben Tate owner in fantasy, you should pick up Isaiah Crowell as soon as you can.

Chicago Bears VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Chicago Bears.

The Bears have been very hot and cold this season. They lose to the Bills, and then they stomp the 49ers in the fourth to pull out a win. They dominate the Jets, and then they get manhandled by the Packers’ offense. I don’t know what to make of them. The Panthers are in a similar situation, where I just don’t know where I would place them in my little mental power rankings. So I basically just chose the Bears because I’m a huge Bears fan. One single play can turn this into a win or loss for either team; a complete coin flip.

Houston Texans VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

It’s the battle of Texas and I would’ve never thought to have chosen the Cowboys in this matchup three weeks ago, but, the Cowboys are looking better and better, and the Texans are looking worse and worse. I expect Demarco Murray to be an absolute beast in this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars.

I realize that picking the Jaguars didn’t work out well for me last time, but I feel really good about this week’s matchup against the Steelers, at home. If the Jags can find a way to somewhat contain Antonio Brown, they have got themselves their first win for rookie Blake Bortles, and for the entire team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: New Orleans Saints.

Blowout Alert! Even though the Bucs unexpectedly won and the Saints unexpectedly lost, I’m not gonna let that cloud my judgement for this game. The Saints have a great passing offense, and Tampa Bay has a dreadful passing defense. It looks like a recipe for success to me.

Atlanta Falcons VS New York Giants

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

Believe it or not, but this was actually the closest I have ever been to choosing a team to win over the Falcons this season, and I’m still kind of thinking about it, but It think that Matty Ice and the Falcons have something to prove after the embarrassing loss to the Vikings. So basically, this is a case of Week 2 Baltimore.

St. Louis Rams VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

Unlike many others, I think this game will be relatively close and the Eagles will have to work for their victory, but they will have it, nonetheless. I also expet Shady to get back to his normal self after some very unproductive two weeks.

Arizona Cardinals VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos.

I don’t have much to say about this matchup other than, if this game were in Arizona I would say that the Cards win this one.

Kansas City Chiefs VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

It’s time to find out if Knile Davis has enough talent to beat one of the best run defenses in the NFL. It’s also time to have a battle of two good defenses and two teams that run the ball a lot. I give the running edge to the Chiefs and the Defense edge to the 49ers, but the passing game is definitely in favor of San Francisco Santa Clara, so I say they win this one.

New York Jets VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

Very similar matchup to Bucs-Saints, except the Chargers have a better defense, enough said.

Cincinnati Bengals VS New England Patriots

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

Brady and the Patriots’ offense is falling apart and the Bengals have been looking better every game, expecially Giovani Bernard (Expect a great fantasy game out of him). If this game were in Cincy I would be saying “Blowout Alert!”, but it isn’t so… Somewhat Competitive, but not really, Game Alert!

Seattle Seahawks VS Washington Redskins

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

No real need to explain myself on this one. Also, Bold Prediction: The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl this year, and they’re gonna win, unless major injuries occur, of course.

So a quarter of the season is done already but it still feels like football only just began. I can definitely wait for Week 17 to come.