NFL Week 13 Predictions


Cleveland Browns VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Buffalo Bills.


San Diego Chargers VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.


Carolina Panthers VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Minnesota Vikings.


Cincinnati Bengals VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals.

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals

Tennessee Titans VS Houston Texans

Winner: Houston Texans.


Washington Redskins VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.


New York Giants VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars.

Marcedes Lewis, Johnny Patrick, Eric Weddle

New Orleans Saints VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.


Oakland Raiders VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: Oakland Raiders.

Seahawks Raiders Football-1

Arizona Cardinals VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.


New England Patriots VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers.


Denver Broncos VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs.


Miami Dolphins VS New York Jets

Winner: Miami Dolphins.




NFL Thanksgiving Day Predictions


Oh Snap! The Holiday season has started, and with that, we have Thanksgiving and three football games! Personally, I am not a fan of Thanksgiving. I don’t like Turkey or Cranberry Sauce, and I already see all of my family at Christmas Time, so the only things that I really get excited about Thanksgiving are Pumpkin Pie and Football. The latter of which, I will now begin to write about.

Chicago Bears VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

The Bears are bad. I mean, really bad. It’s incredibly difficult to watch them, and they truly make me want to stop being a fan. Their last win against the Buccaneers was about the most boring game I have ever seen. Although, I do rather like the Lions as most of my family is from Michigan and since it is Thanksgiving I will be rooting for the Lions today!


Please Joique Bell, work wonders for my fantasy team this week!

Philadelphia Eagles VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

I am going to declare this as the beginning of Dallas’s downfall, and they will end the year at 8-8 or 9-7. Hey, that should be a bold prediction. BOLD PREDICTION: The Dallas Cowboys will end the year 9-7.

The Sanchize is real!

Seattle Seahawks VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams have been disappointments this year, yet they are 3 games above .500. They are also pretty similar teams, with weak offenses and (thought-to-be) strong defenses. The difference in this game is that I believe that the Seahawks have a better QB and a better Secondary while I think that the 49ers only have a better defensive line. I would say that their offensive line is better but San Francisco has been terrible blocking-wise as of late.


Did anyone see that press conference with Richard Sherman and the cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin. Pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Well, Turkey is gross…

And so are Cranberries.

Unless they are in juice form, in that case, they aren’t half bad.


NFL Week Twelve Predictions


Last week was the first time I have ever implemented pictures into my NFL Predictions. Coincidentally, It was also my worst week picking-wise. I went 3-11, and put my overall record at 80-71, which is a 53% correction rate. That’s about 3% lower than last week. I am officially lowering my goal of 65% to 60%, so that maybe, I can actually make my goal!

Green Bay Packers VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

There is most certainly not an explanation needed.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers

Randall Cobb: Likely to have a monster game on Sunday.

Tennesse Titans VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

The Titans have quickly become my least favorite NFL team. Even though they put up a fight against Pittsburgh, I still find them incredibly boring to watch, and they are the only team that has no real players that I actually like. If there was one player I like, I suppose it would be Michael Oher, but that’s only because of The Blind Side. You know there’s something wrong when my favorite player on your team is an offensive lineman who isn’t even that good.


Ladies and Gentleman, Here is your Tennessee Titans Starting Quarterback.

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

The Jaguars now have a chance to win with Denard Robinson, but he still can’t make up for Blake Bortles and the defense’s shortcomings.


Denard Robinson might be one of my favorite players in the NFL.

Detroit Lions VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

The Patriots are absolutely unstoppable, and in my mental power rankings, are number 1 in the NFL. Even though the Lions only have 2 losses, I seriously doubt they can beat this strong New England team.


Gillette Stadium may be my favorite stadium in the NFL. It’s a close one between that, MetLife, and Mile High.

Cleveland Browns VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons are 4-6. They are also winning their division. My best guess is that they are going to try to prove the critics wrong and go for the gold, which means trying their absolute hardest against a Browns team with Josh Gordon. At least that’s what I hope they will do.


Dear Matt Ryan,

Please score 30+ points for my fantasy team!

Love, Lucas.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Chicago Bears.

BOLD PREDICTION: This game will be an absolute shootout. I could definitely see the Bucs winning but I believe that the Bears have the better QB so I say that Chicago wins this one.


Ah, the good old days…

Cincinnati Bengals VS Houston Texans

Winner: Houston Texans.

Arian Foster might be back this week! And even if he’s not, Alfred Blue is a very suitable substitute. I have also noticed that I have picked 6 straight home teams to win this weekend.

Arian Foster

Is Arian Foster the best undrafted free agent ever?

Arizona Cardinals VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

Make that 7 straight home teams to win. Seriously though, if Seattle doesn’t win this week, I think that they may not make the playoffs. I doubt anyone would have predicted that, and my early season bold prediction for the Seahawks to repeat a SB win looks awfully silly now.


Carson Palmer threw 4 picks last time these two teams faced each other. Will Drew Stanton do the same?

St. Louis Rams VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: St. Louis Rams.

That is now two straight weeks and three total weeks this season that I have almost picked the Rams to win as underdogs against  a (thought-to-be) powerhouse team. I will not make that same mistake this week.


Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, recently bought some land in California. Is he planning to relocate the Rams? If so, I’m all for it.

Miami Dolphins VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos.

Just because the Broncos lost doesn’t mean that they suck. I believe that the Broncos are still a Super Bowl caliber team, and I see them getting the W against the Fins.


According to this map, Broncos fans cover the largest amount of land in the US.

Washington Redskins VS San Francisco 49ers

Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

I don’t see Robert Griffin III finishing this game, and it won’t be due to an injury. Enough said.

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins

The most important question to ask here is: Will Subway renew their contract with RGIII?

Dallas Cowboys VS New York Giants

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

Barring major injuries to the Cowboys offense, the Giants have zero chance to win this one.


Good News for the Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. is a definite star in the making.

New York Jets VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Buffalo Bills.

I absolutely love snow games, and I don’t like dome stadiums. So you can see my disappointment when I heard that the Jets-Bills game was moved to Monday in Detroit. Why would they choose Detroit? Is that the place with the largest amount of Bills fans? I would be surprised if that was true because the Lions have been having a great year so far.


Sammy Watkins is another rookie WR star in the making.

Baltimore Ravens VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

The Saints have lost Brandin Cooks and Keenan Lewis. The Ravens could be on the bottom of the AFC North if they lose this one, so I see them becoming very motivated to win against a weakened Saints team, who almost lost at home to Tampa Bay when Mike Glennon was the starter. And that was with Brandin Cooks and Keenan Lewis. I could almost see this becoming a blowout.


Boy, this was a great draft class for Wide Receivers.

Go Falcons!

NFL Week Eleven Predictions


Before I start, I just want to apologize for last week, with no explanations, and no intro. I was incredibly busy, and I couldn’t really find time to type up a whole post. Anyways, I went 9-4 in week nine and I going 8-4 last week, I have a total record of       77-60, which means 56.2% of my picks have been correct. That is surprisingly a step down from last week which was about 57%(56.67%). You would think that going 17-8 would increase your overall percentage but I guess not. On to the Picks!

Buffalo Bills VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Miami Dolphins.

This game feels like a true flip of the coin. Both are relatively successful offenses with stellar defenses. Their RB situation is also similar in that both of their starting backs are injured. The difference I find, however, is that Ryan Tannehill, or as I like to call him “Ryan Swaggehill”, is better than Kyle Orton. He also takes care of his hair better. Even though he is bald. At least I think he’s bald. Hold on, let me look up a picture… No he has a buzzcut. Why did I think he was bald? Anyways, the point is that his hair looks better than Orton’s. I mean, just look at him!


Bowl cuts are not in style, bro. They never have been (except maybe when the Beatles were popular) and they never will be… At least, I hope not.

Houston Texans VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

Whoa. The Browns are good. Like for the first time! Whaaaaaat. That’s just crazy talk. But seriously, they are a good football team, and while Houston is alright, they don’t have a better offense or a better defense, at least, in my opinion. Since I put in the first picture I’ve ever put in an NFL post, why not make it a thing? At least, for this week.

Cleveland Browns Logo Badge

Wow. That picture just screams tough.

Atlanta Falcons VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Carolina Panthers.

I kind of want the Falcons to lose now. Mainly so that they can draft a great young player, and so they can clean house, coaching-wise. While I do think the Falcons could definitely win this one, if I had to choose between a terrible losing season with a high draft pick or a mediocre 7-9 season where they miss the playoffs, get a pick in the teens, and keep Mike Smith, I would go with the former. So… Go Panthers?


Yes. Go Panthers.

Minnesota Vikings VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Minnesota Vikings.

Well, like the Falcons, I hope that the Bears have a terrible rest of the season, so that they can draft Marcus Mariota and become a Powerhouse team! The fact that this is a 12:00 game at home also helps as they are winless in that situation.


Ah, the face of the 2020s Bears Dynasty!

Cincinnati Bengals VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: New Orleans Saints.

The Saints have a surprisingly good home run defense this year. Or at least good compared to their pass defense. The Bengals without a rushing attack is a team that relies heavily on Andy Dalton, and no one wants that. I wonder when they are going to start having AJ McCarron practice…

NFL: 2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Could he be the solution to Cincinnati’s quarterback troubles? Probably not, but he is probably still better than Dalton.

Denver Broncos VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: Denver Broncos.

There’s no way that the Rams win. No way at all. Then again, they won against Seattle and San Francisco. Hmmm… Maybe this will be a close one?



Seattle Seahawks VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

I think I might have picked the Seahawks to win every single game they have played so far. Hasn’t really worked so far, but, eh, I like my chances.


I can taste him already!

San Francisco 49ers VS New York Giants

Winner: New York Giants.

I take the Giants in a surprise win here because… Um… I don’t know. Just have that feeling, I suppose. As they say, variety is the spice of life.


The best Eli Manning picture on the planet.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Washington Redskins

Winner: Washington Redskins.

DeSean Jackson is better than any other player on the Bucs’ roster. It’s just a fact. Well, actually it’s an opinion but it’s my opinion which means that I believe it to be better than yours. The Redskins are also a better team too, so that helps my pick a bit.


Pure swag right there, ladies and gentlemen. Pure swag.

Oakland Raiders VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders Stink.


And I wouldn’t be surprised if their owner did too.

Detroit Lions VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Detroit Lions.

Boy, am I excited to see this game. Two of my favorite teams that are actually good going up against each other. The Cardinals being the first team I truly liked and the team that had Kurt Warner on it when I first started to pay attention to football, and the Lions being the team of my family, seeing as how all of them except me have been born in either Michigan or another country! I might not even watch RedZone this week, just to see this game all by its lonesome.


This is what I will look like when the game starts.

Philadelphia Eagles VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles.

This is another coin-flip type game. I honestly would not be surprised at all if the Packers dominated or lost a close one. No clue on this matchup. I just picked the Eagles because I’m a Bears fan, or at least, I used to be, and I really liked Silver Linings Playbook.


Awesome drawing by Michael Pattison.

New England Patriots VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

Every team’s hot streak has to end, and I think the Pats’ hot streak ends here. With Vontae Davis looking healthier and Andrew Luck continuing to look amazing, I just don’t think New England is strong enough to beat the Colts.


Andrew Luck spits on the Pats D.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

BLOWOUT ALERT! I don’t know if it was obvious, but there, I said it. Also I would choose the Raiders over the Titans if they faced each other so I suppose I could say that the Titans Stink.


Antonio Brown approves of this message.

So that’s all the picks for this week. I am pretty excited for it! And also if it wasn’t obvious enough, the pictures do not belong to me. I got them all off of Google, so don’t call me a Plagiarizer.



NFL Week Ten Predictions


Kansas City Chiefs VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs.

Tennessee Titans VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

Dallas Cowboys VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars.

Miami Dolphins VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

San Francisco 49ers VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: New Orleans Saints.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS New York Jets

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Atlanta Falcons VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

Denver Broncos VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: Denver Broncos.

New York Giants VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

St. Louis Rams VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Arizona Cardinals.

Chicago Bears VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

Carolina Panthers VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Carolina Panthers.