Baltimore Ravens VS Houston Texans

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winner: Green Bay Packers

Kansas City Chiefs VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots VS New York Jets

Winner: New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: Atlanta Falcons

New York Giants VS St. Louis Rams

Winner: St. Louis Rams

Buffalo Bills VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: Buffalo Bills

Indianapolis Colts VS Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Denver Broncos VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals



NFL Week 15 Predictions


I went 14-2 last week, which is my best pick ratio ever for a week! I am now 118-79, which is a 59.9% pick percentage. I am now only .1% away from my goal, and 5.1% away from my original goal.

Green Bay Packers VS Buffalo Bills

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

Will the Packers ever lose?


Jacksonville Jaguars VS Baltimore Ravens

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

The Jaguars are terrible. Just, terrible.

Jimmy Smith

Cincinnati Bengals VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Cleveland Browns.

Johnny Manziel is the starter this week and I think he will be a great NFL quarterback so I fully expect a win for the Browns here.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Carolina Panthers

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

No Cam, No win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans VS Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

To put it simply, the Colts are the better team, especially without Andre Johnson playing for Houston.


Oakland Raiders VS Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs.

While the Raiders did beat the Chiefs in Oakland and they beat the 49ers, I still think the Raiders stink.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins VS New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots.

No, I do not think that the Dolphins will pull the upset off again. The Patriots are clearly the better offense, with a better pass defense and a worse run defense, and they’re not even facing an elite running back, unless, of course, you think that Lamar Miller is an elite running back.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Washington Redskins VS New York Giants

Winner: New York Giants.

Gross. This entire matchup disgusts me.


Pittsburgh Steelers VS Atlanta Falcons

Winner: Atlanta Falcons.

If the Falcons want to win the division, they’re gonna have to get the W this week. I think they can do it. As a Falcons fan, I believe in them. It also helps to know that the Steelers lost against the Jets and the Buccaneers.


Denver Broncos VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: San Diego Chargers.

I really feel like the Chargers are going to win today. Maybe it’s the fact that Peyton Manning hasn’t been that good of late, but I really feel good about this pick.


New York Jets VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: New York Jets.

Talk about terrible games, ugh… I only picked the Jets because I like them better. Besides that… This game looks like it’ll be a bore fest.


Minnesota Vikings VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

Life has been really easy for the Lions that past few weeks. It looks like the easy life will continue into this week and next week.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions

San Francisco 49ers VS Seattle Seahawks

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

If you saw the Seattle-San Francisco Thanksgiving game, then you know why the Seahawks will win this week.


Dallas Cowboys VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

I think that the Dallas Cowboys will go 1-1 in the series against the Eagles. Why? I’m not sure, I just have that feeling.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Chicago Bears.

Anyone who lost to the Panthers 41-10 can lose to the Bears. This would not only be good for Chicago, but good for the Falcons as well. A Win-Win for a Falcons-Bears fan like myself. But if they lose, oh boy…


NFL Week 14 Predictions


So I have an update on the… well, update. I was looking over my older picks when I realized that apparently, I had gone 24-6 over the two week period, not 23-7, so my total record is 104-77, a 57.5% correction rate, so I am 2.5% away from my goal, not 3%.

Dallas Cowboys VS Chicago Bears

Winner: Dallas Cowboys.

The Bears are just awful. I know I’ve already said this but I really hate watching them play. Unfortunately, I have to because they’re my hometown team, and they are one of my favorite teams, but at the moment, they are terrible. If Dallas doesn’t win, that should say more about Dallas than it should about Chicago.


New York Jets VS Minnesota Vikings

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

The Jets Suck. Even when they’re good, they suck. For example: Last week they were good against the Dolphins and were winning most of the game but on their final two drives they missed a FG, and Geno threw an interception, leading to their 16-13 loss. Minnesota, on the other hand, have been playing pretty well lately.



New York Giants VS Tennessee Titans

Winner: Tennessee Titans

I hate both these teams. Normally I would pick the Giants because I like them better, but they’re both out of the playoff race, and I don’t want Tennessee to get a high draft pick, because I’d rather have the Giants be good than the Titans be good.


St. Louis Rams VS Washington Redskins

Winner: St. Louis Rams.

Yep, the Redskins are terrible. Now, let’s move on.


Baltimore Ravens VS Miami Dolphins

Winner: Baltimore Ravens.

The Dolphins are the reason why I am out of my Fantasy league’s playoffs this year so now I have a huge grudge against them. Go Ravens.


Oh yeah, I guess the Ravens are pretty good too.

Carolina Panthers VS New Orleans Saints

Winner: Carolina Panthers.

Once again, a matchup with two teams that I don’t like. Only difference is that the Saints might actually make the playoffs, and neither the Titans or the Giants are even close to doing that. I’m hoping the Falcons will make the playoffs, so I believe that the Panthers can win this one.


Houston Texans VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Winner: Houston Texans.

Another 6 TD performance for Ryan Fitzpatrick? I don’t think so. Another win for the Texans? Definitely.


Pittsburgh Steelers VS Cincinnati Bengals

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.

After a surprising loss last week for the Steelers, and an undeserved win for the Bengals, I expect this to be a near blowout for the Steelers. BOLD PREDICTION: This will be Antonio Brown’s best performance of the year. This has a large possibility of blowing up in my face, but I feel bold today.


Indianapolis Colts VS Cleveland Browns

Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

I would’ve picked the Browns if Johnny were starting. I’m not even joking. Why, Mike Pettine? Why?

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Detroit Lions

Winner: Detroit Lions.

BOLD PREDICTION: Reggie Bush will get injured this game. That’s about as close to bold as you’re gonna get in this matchup prediction.


Buffalo Bills VS Denver Broncos

Winner: Denver Broncos.

While the Bills have been playing well lately, I don’t think they stand a chance against the Broncos.

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys


Why don’t the Broncos ever wear these jerseys anymore?

Kansas City Chiefs VS Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Arizona Cardinals.

While the Falcons did beat the Cardinals last week, the Cards were without Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Ellington most of the game. Both of whom I think will be playing this week.


San Francisco 49ers VS Oakland Raiders

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

The Raiders Stink.

Trevor Scott, Jarvis Moss, Darryl Blackstock

Seattle Seahawks VS Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Seattle Seahawks.

Unlike a lot of people, I still believe that the Seahawks are an elite team. I do not believe the Eagles are an elite team. Makes perfect sense to choose the Seahawks in that case.


New England Patriots VS San Diego Chargers

Winner: New England Patriots.

If you have seen the pair of these teams play at all recently, you should know exactly why the Pats will win here.


Atlanta Falcons VS Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers.

I really hope this game won’t be as much of a bloodbath as everyone expects it to be. BOLD PREDICTION: The final score will be have a 20 or less point differential between the two teams.



NFL Predictions Update


Unfortunately last week I was incredibly busy so once again I was unable to write my explanations, and I feel bad about it so I thought I should make this little update. In the last two weeks I have gone 23-7, which is one of my best two week stretches ever. This includes going perfect on Thanksgiving and a pick for Atlanta to beat Arizona which I can guarantee you that next to no one outside of Atlanta would’ve picked the Falcons. Anyways this brings me to an overall record of 103-78 which is a correction percentage of 57%, which, by the way, is only 3% away from my adjusted goal of 60%! Anyways, I guarantee that I will have explanations in my next NFL Predictions post.