Top Ten Fantasy QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs cont.


Top Ten Fantasy wide receivers:

1. Antonio Brown


There isn’t a question on who is the best wide receiver this year. That’s because last year Antonio Brown blew everyone out of the water. Antonio Brown is, no contest, the best wide receiver for 2015. Also if you’re in a PPR league, he is definitely a top three pick.

2. Odell Beckham Jr.


I’m a huge believer in Odell Beckham this year. Why? Well, maybe it’s because Odell Beckham finished as a top five Wide Receiver last year… And he only played 12 games… And he was rookie… And he had the best football catch in recorded history. This year, Odell is starting the first week of the season and I expect him to be playing in every game this. Even as a 2nd rounder, I think this guy could be a steal.

3. Dez Bryant


Dez Bryant has a great opportunity this year. He finished as a top three wide receiver last year, and this year, he doesn’t have DeMarco Murray on his team. Just that statement, alone, can justify me putting him as my number 3 fantasy wide receiver this year.

4. Julio Jones


I really like Julio this year. I believe that he will perform very similarly to last year, except a little bit better. I guess you could say he’s basically a reverse Marshawn Lynch, based on how I think of him. I’m also a Falcons fan, so, honestly, he might actually be a spot or two below where I have him ranked. I seriously did try to avoid bias while making this list, though.

5. Calvin Johnson


“Megatron” is coming back this year, and in a big way. Remember last year, when Calvin Johnson was the undisputed, number 1 fantasy wide receiver. I do, and I don’t think he is much worse than he was at that point. Honestly, I would rather have someone like Calvin Johnson who doesn’t have a lot of competition than someone like Jordy Nelson, who will have to share catches with people like Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams.

6. Demaryius Thomas


I’m kind of low on Thomas this year, compared to last year, where I thought he had the potential to be the number 1 guy. Only problem is that Emmanuel Sanders emerged to become a top-tier receiver, and he will interfere with Thomas getting the ball. It is good for Demaryius that Julius Thomas is gone, but they replaced him with Owen Daniels, and, in my opinion, Owen Daniels is about equal to Julius Thomas, in skill. So I think Demaryius Thomas will have a similar year to last year, except maybe 1 or two more bad games.

7. Jordy Nelson


Jordy Nelson is basically a slightly worse Demaryius Thomas (even though Nelson did better than Thomas last year). This is because they are in very similar situations, except Nelson is competing with Cobb, while Thomas is competing with Sanders. In my opinion, Cobb is better than Sanders. Therefore, Thomas is better than Nelson.

8. Alshon Jeffery


Alshon Jeffery is an amazing talent, and he did quite well, last year. As a Bears fan, I’ll say that at times it seemed like he was the only true receiving option that Chicago had. With Marshall gone, and Cutler with pretty much only 1 year left to prove himself, I think that Jeffery will have a standout season, this year.

9. A.J. Green


A.J. Green didn’t do too hot last year, but he did have an injury, and we did see the rise of my favorite player ever (totally not a joke), Mohamed Sanu. Seriously though, Sanu is a great player. I still like Green this year. Not as much as I did, last year, but I still like him, nonetheless. I am absolutely positive that Green will end up being a top fifteen wide receiver at the very least.

10. DeAndre Hopkins


As a past Hopkins-owner, I can say that I really liked how Hopkins played last year. Thing is, this year, Hopkins has a better quarterback and he no longer has to compete with Andre Johnson for targets. DeAndre Hopkins is pretty much Houston’s number one receiver, and I’d rather have Hopkins than someone like Randall Cobb or Kelvin Benjamin, to be honest.

I will post my top ten tight ends either tomorrow or Saturday. See you then.


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