Top Ten Childish Gambino Lyrics


Lately, I have come to a realization: Childish Gambino is amazing. In fact, he might be my favorite artist out there. Definitely my favorite rapper.

Anyways, I’ve compounded a list of his top ten lyrics across all his songs. However, there are a couple honorable mentions because it’s just not possible to only show off ten of Bino’s best lyrics. There are so many great ones!

Honorable Mentions (No Particular Order):

“Nah nah, they can’t hold me
June/July, drop something
I double dare you, I’m Marc Summers
I scorch winters, I burn autumns”- I.Crawl, Because the Internet

“Move white girls like there’s coke up my asscrack
Move black girls cause, man, fuck it, I’ll do either
I love pussy, I love bitches, dude, I should be runnin’ PETA”- Bonfire, Camp

“The shit I’m doin’ this year? Insanity
Made the beat then murdered it: Casey Anthony”- Bonfire, Camp

“They wanna knock me out
They tryin nigga
Realest motherfucker in the game like Tron, nigga”- You See Me, Camp

“Yeah, they starin’ at me jealous cause I do shows bigger
But your looks don’t help, like an old gold digger
Uncool, but lyrically I’m a stone cold killer
So it’s 400 blows to these Truffaut niggas”- That Power, Camp

“Uh, yeah I’m killin’ you, step inside the lion’s den
Man I’m hov if the ‘O’ was an ‘I’ instead
On stage with my family in front of me
I am what I am: everything I wanna be”- That Power, Camp

“I know sometimes it’s hard when I’m so far
I know you miss this di-love”- Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good), Kauai

For the last honorable mention, here’s a special shoutout to a lyric that just barely did not make the list:

“How many gold plaques you want inside your dining room?
I said I want a full house
They said, ‘You got it dude!'”-That Power, Camp

Now on to the list:

Number 10. You See Me, Camp

“No period like menopause
No period like, ‘Oh shit! Am I the only one you sleepin’ with?'”

Number 9. L.E.S., Camp

“She got ironic tattoos on her back
That ain’t ironic bitch, I love Rugrats”

Number 8. Heartbeat, Camp

“So we fuck till we come to conclusions
All the things that we thought we were losing”

Number 7. You See Me, Camp

“She got an ugly friend? Roll solo
Can I stay at your place? No hobo
Not my fault, man, these ladies love me
She’s an overachiever cause all she do is succeed”

Number 6. Bonfire, Camp

“Man, why does every black actor gotta rap some? I don’t know, all I know is I’m the best one”

Number 5. All the Shine, Camp

“I’m a role model, I am not these other guys
I rap about my dick and talk about what girls is fly
I know it’s dumb, that’s the fucking reason I’m doing it
So why does everyone have a problem with talking stupid shit?”

Number 4. You See Me, Camp

“If I’m a faggot spell it right, I got way more than two G’s”

Number 3. Bonfire, Camp

“My dick is like an accent mark, it’s all about the over Es”

Number 2. That Power, Camp

“Holla, holla, holla, holla at yo boy
Like yo dad when he’s pissed off
Got flow, I could make a cripple crip walk
Niggas’ breath stank, all they do is shit talk”

Number 1. Freaks and Geeks, EP

The Entire Song. No, you didn’t read that wrong. THE ENTIRE SONG.

Well, 9 out of 10 of these lyrics are from Camp. Not surprising, seeing how Camp is the best album Bino has made, lyric-wise. And, in my opinion, sound-wise.


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