Top 10 Favorite Pokémon…One Year Later


About a year ago I made a post about my top ten favorite Pokémon. That was one of my favorite posts and almost every year I have, in some way, made a top ten favorite Pokémon list. This year will be no different, except that the only major difference is I gave Pokémon X and Y another chance and I found that I liked the game, so there will be significantly more Gen 6 Pokémon. Here it is!

Note: The following list contains the Pokémon from last year’s list and honorable mentions that did not make it into this year’s list and honorable mentions.

Hawlucha, Swampert, Pyroar, Scrafty, Crawdaunt, Sceptile, Totodile, Glalie, and Arcanine.

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order):



Chesnaught (Unranked)


Braviary (Unranked)


Fennekin (Unranked)


Psyduck (Unranked)


Piplup (Unranked)


Flygon (#2)


Deoxys (Unranked)


Sawsbuck (Unranked)


Raikou (Unranked)


Now, the list:

10. Cacturne (Unranked)


I have always really liked Cacturne. In fact, last year, he just barely didn’t make it into the honorable mentions. Anyways, I love the color green and Cacturne has plenty of that. He has also got an interesting move-set that showcases many different distinct styles of battling. His stats are also not half bad, and it doesn’t hurt that he looks hella cool.

9. Tyrunt (Unranked)


Tyrunt is not only the single Kalos Pokémon on this list, but he is also the only Pokémon on this list that has an evolution. The reason why I put Tyrunt at number 9 is because during my second playthrough of Pokémon X, I really bonded with this guy and he kind of carried my team. He is also one hell of a cute little guy that definitely has a cool factor to him.

8. Hitmonchan (#3)


This guy was on my list last year so there isn’t much I can say about him. However, I will explain why he fell. First of all, he does not look as cool to me as he did before. And second, there was more Pokémon that I bonded with, and more Pokémon that caught my eye since last year.

7. Latias (Unranked)


I’ve always been a huge fan of Latias. Fro my experiences there seems to be more fans of Latios, but I much prefer Latias. I guess one could say that I have an easier time liking cute things than cool things. Anyways, Latias is an amazing Wi-Fi battler that I rely on a lot when battling, and he seems to be the MVP of my team at least 30 percent of the time.

6. Infernape (#4)


In my eyes, Infernape did not really get any worse, unlike Hitmonchan, it was just that other Pokémon managed to get their way above him.

5. Entei (Unranked)


Entei has always been my favorite of the dog trio. Well… that’s not entirely true. At first, everyone liked Entei the best and I got a bit sick of him and I thought Raikou was a very underrated Pokémon. So I liked Raikou better. Then, I started to gain my senses and realized that Entei is better. It was like that for a while but recently Raikou had become the fan favorite and I started to think that maybe I liked Raikou better, but yet again, I came to my senses and decided Entei was the dog for me. Anyways, about Entei, himself, he is an awesome looking Pokémon. He epitimizes coolness and wiseness, and he has a killer move-set that fits my prefered playstyle perfectly.

4. Marowak (Unranked)


Much like Cacturne, this guy barely didn’t make the honorable mentions last year. What put Marowak up so high was that I started playing in PU, and boy does this guy absolutely wreck in PU. With my current team, I’ve been keeping track of my team members’ KOs and faints, and this guy has no faints. None! He is incredible! An absolute sweeper, no doubt. Marowak also looks pretty damn cool, so that helps.

3. Delibird (Unranked)


Now I realize that at this point most peopleare probably thinking: “Delibird? Wat? R u high?” The answer is no, I am not high. I actually just love Delibird. While he does not have an interesting moveset, or even halfway decent stats, he does have two other things I love: A cute-as-hell design and a positive attitude. Seriously though, I think this guy just looks awesome. He is also the Christmas Pokémon, so he reminds me of my favorite time of year. If I became a Pokémon, I’d honestly think that I would turn into this guy.

2. Simisage (Unranked)


Simisage and I go back a long way. The first time I saw this guy, I think I fell in love or something. I just thought he simply looked like the coolest Pokémon I had ever seen. He had it all. Well, except for the stats. His stats are pretty garbage. So I gave up on my likeness for Simisage. But then, I found the PU tier. The only tier that Simisage has actually been usable. And boy, is he usable! On my PU team, Simisage is the only guy who has stuck around the whole way. All of the other original PU guys were replaced but not Simisage. Why? To put it simply, he is the MVP of my team overall. Even though I said Marowak was undefeated, he has not been in for long. Maybe 4 or 5 games. Simisage has been in a lot. Like, A LOT. He is just one of my absolute favorites and the fact that he isn’t really that popular of a Pokémon just makes me happy because he feels even more like MY Pokémon.

TL;DR version: He looks hella cool and he wrecks in PU.

And now… NUMBER 1:

Dragonite (#1)


Yea, he is still  my favorite. If you really want to know why, I said it best in my list from a year ago. I don’t make many posts so it should not be hard to find.