Top Ten Pokemon… A Year and a Half Later



About a year and a half ago I made a top ten Pokemon list. Then, a year later, I made an updated version of it. Now, due to the popularity of Pokemon Go and the enjoyment it has given me, I have gone back to Pokemon yet again. I plan on making a two years later update in December after Sun and Moon come out, but I want to have one final list of the current generations. Anyways, here is the list of my top ten favorite Pokemon.

Like last year, the following is a list of Pokemon that are not in this list that were in the list or the honorable mentions last year:

Druddigon (#27, #12, #9, Honorable Mention), Chesnaught (N/A, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Braviary (#71, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Psyduck (N/A, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Piplup (#78, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Deoxys (N/A, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Sawsbuck (N/A, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention), Raikou (N/A, N/A, #17, Honorable Mention), Cacturne (#54, N/A, N/A, #10), Latias (#20, N/A, N/A, #7),

First, some honorable mentions:

Palkia (N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A)


Hitmonchan (#67, N/A, #3, #8)


Flygon (#2, #1, #2, Honorable Mention)


Ponyta (N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A)


Infernape (#16, #9, #4, #6)


Vaporeon (#96, N/A, N/A, N/A)


Charmander (#74, #10, N/A, N/A)


Entei (#39, N/A, N/A, #5)


Tyrunt (N/A, N/A, N/A, #9)


Fennekin (N/A, N/A, N/A, Honorable Mention)


Now onto the Top Ten list!

10. Squirtle (#47, Honorable Mention, N/A, N/A)


9. Delibird (N/A, N/A, N/A, #3)

Delibird (card)

8. Meowth (#87, N/A, N/A, N/A)


7. Marowak (#66, N/A, N/A, #4)


6. Arcanine (#13, #17, #5, N/A)


5. Bulbasaur (#88, N/A, N/A, N/A)

bulbasaur (1)

4. Kingdra (N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A)


3. Simisage (#31, N/A, N/A, #2)



2. Sandshrew (#14, N/A, N/A, N/A)


  1. Dragonite (#24, #5, #1, #1)



Top Ten Favorite Pokemon


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Pokemon series. It was a huge part of my early years and I believe that Pokemon Ruby might have been the first video game I ever played, although I am not entirely sure. Anyways, I just bought the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and I have been having a blast with it so I thought I should make a Top Ten Pokemon list. About 2 years ago I made a Top 20 Pokemon list, so I will add a previously ranked note next to the Pokemon’s name. All Kalos Pokemon will be noted as unranked because at the time of my previous list being finished, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y had not come out yet. Now before I begin, I have some Honorable mentions for Pokemon that did not make it into my Top Ten, but I do rather like. The Honorable mentions are not in any particular order.

Honorable Mentions-

Hawlucha (Unranked)


Swampert (Unranked)


Pyroar (Unranked)


Scrafty (#20)


Crawdaunt (Unranked)


Now, on to the list.

10. Clawitzer (Unranked)


Clawitzer has a certain aesthetic element to him that I seem to like. Having one part of the body that humans have two of (usually the arm) being ridiculously larger to it counterpart. For Clawitzer’s case, it’s his giant claw. He also has some good stats, and a very nice move set. To me, Clawitzer is a great example of a solid water Pokemon.

9. Druddigon (#12)


There are many things I love about Druddigon. Some of those things are his color scheme, his structural design, and his Rough Skin ability. Unfortunately he has one major setback; He has no evolution chain. One thing I adore about the Pokemon games is raising, leveling, and evolving Pokemon as you go. Unfortunately, once you get Druddigon, you’re done. There’s nothing to look forward to, evolution-wise. He doesn’t even have a mega-evolution, and I think he would be significantly higher on this list if he had a mega-evolution. Or even a pre-evolution! But, I digress.

8. Sceptile (#11)


To me, Sceptile seems like the forgotten Hoenn starter. Everyone always raves about Blaziken and Swampert, but there doesn’t look to be much love for Sceptile. Obviously every Pokemon has its fanbase, but Sceptile has probably one of the smaller starter fanbases. Anyways, on to things I like about Sceptile. First, he has the only evolution chain of the Hoenn starters where I like all three Pokemon involved. I don’t like Combusken and I don’t like Marshtomp, but I do like Grovyle. He also has the best moveset that a grass-type can have. That is, if you like to play on the offensive. I think that Sceptile defines what a starter Pokemon should have, statistically, and look.

7. Totodile (Unranked)


Totodile is the only Pokemon on this list that is not the final evolution in it’s evolution chain. The reason is, I don’t really like Feraligatr. There are a multitude of reasons why, but I prefer to keep the focus on Totodile. I believe that Totodile has a perfect name. Just say it out loud. Totodile. It just rolls off the tongue, and it perfectly matches the look of this creature. Every time I played through the Johto region, I always chose Totodile. In most games I like to alternate it around if I play through multiple times, but I just like Totodile too much to not choose him.

…Actually I think I chose Chikorita once. But that’s besides the point.

6. Glalie (#4)


To be completely honest I don’t know what about Glalie I particularly like. He doesn’t have amazing stats, he has a nice move pool, but it’s nothing to write home about, and he doesn’t even look particularly cool or cute. When I was little, I had a toy of Glalie, and maybe that is why I like Glalie so much, but I don’t remember really playing with that toy at all. I guess I just naturally gravitate toward Glalie. I have no idea why. Although, I will say he has a very cool mega-evolution.

5. Arcanine (#17)


Arcanine is one of those Pokemon that basically everyone has on their favorite Pokemon list. He has been here since the beginning, and he has had a large fanbase since the beginning. The reasons why I like him are that he looks cool and cute at the same time, he has incredible stats, and he has a nice movepool. Also, back when I use to play Pokemon competitively (and I was pretty good, if I do say so, myself) I would use Arcanine all the time on my OU teams. He was always one of the better performers on those teams.

4. Infernape (#9)


Infernape is incredibly similar to Arcanine. They both have huge followings, they are fire-types with high attack, they are great OU battlers, and I love them both. The key difference between them is that while Arcanine is cuter than Infernape, Infernape has a better move pool, is a starter, and is a monkey, and I like monkeys better than wolves. In fact, the monkey is one of my favorite animals. Infernape also belongs to one of my personal favorite regions, so it makes playing the whole game throughout with him, a whole lot more fun.

3. Hitmonchan (Unranked)


Hitmonchan was my very first favorite pokemon. i loved him mostly because I loved his moves, the way he looked, and the fact that he was named after Jackie Chan. I even remember that in pre-school I had a holographic Hitmonchan Pokemon card and some kid stole it and I started crying. Hitmonchan is a very fun Pokemon to use. He has a great move pool, and a large variety of different types of moves. His stats are nice too. High attack, low special attack, and relatively high defense stats. Just the way i like it. Although he does have a pretty bad health stat. Anyways, i will always remember Hitmonchan as the Pokemon that really got me to love this franchise.

2. Flygon (#1)


For a long time, i declared Flygon as my favorite Pokemon, and to be completely honest, I started liking Flygon less due to the fact that I realized while his move pool and stats are good, they are not as good as the #1 Pokemon on my list. And I have always thought that the #1 Pokemon on here looked better than Flygon. Flygon is a great Pokemon though. He has good speed, and has very even stats. He definitely deserves to have a mega-evolution. He also belongs to one of my favorite regions. Hey, maybe one day I should make a list of my favorite Pokemon regions. Anyways, I’m getting off-topic. The point is, Flygon is a fantastic pokemon, but I simply like the next Pokemon better.

1. Dragonite (#5)


There are many things I can say to explain why Dragonite is my favorite Pokemon, but I’ll try to keep it short and concise. Dragonite is incredibly cute, and incredibly cool. His most prominent color happens to be my favorite color. He reminds me of the dragons from Dragon Tales, which happened to be a show that I absolutely loved when I was little. He also has incredible stats, besting Flygon at every stat except speed, but Flygon only beats him by a relatively small amount. Dragonite is one of the few Pokemon on this list that I will say should not have a mega-evolution, because why should one try to improve and already perfect Pokemon. I just love Dragonite so much and I wish he was widely available in every Pokemon game.


Top 10 Worst Call Of Duty Maps


There are so many maps in Call of Duty. There are many great ones, and there are many awful ones. I originally was going to make a list of my top ten favorite maps, but one day I tried to find a definitive terrible map list, but I couldn’t find anything but forum posts, so today I present you with The Top Ten Worst Call of Duty Maps.
Dishonorable Mention: Stonehaven

While this is not number 11 on my list this is a rather notable map. Many people like this map and I know that it is for one reason: It has a castle. A fairly large amount of fans of Stonehaven would say no to that but if you really think about it, if this wasn’t a map with a castle, it would just be another annoying huge snipe-fest maps.

10. Array (Black Ops)



My main problem of Array is that it took so long to get to the action. There were so many maps in Black Ops that were small and great, but in Array, if you wanted to do anything other than snipe with an AR or an actual sniper, you were pretty much boned, and as the aggresive, rushing, smg lover that I am, I rather disliked this map. A lot.

9. Karachi (Modern Warfare 2)



Literally, this entire map is a shade of reddish-pink, which is a shade that doesn’t really go with war, and the map itself wasn’t even good, with a relatively large amount of verticality at that point in CoD, which by the general public’s reaction to Ghosts’s maps, is not a good idea for an already large map.

8. Mission (Modern Warfare 3)



Mission was a very strange map. Whenever I played it, I was felt somewhat off. It felt very large at times, and very small at times. It also was almost entirely the same color, with close to everything being a dull green. It also did not help that the game itself was bad and this came up in Kill Confirmed (One of my favorite game modes) so often.

7. Overflow (Black Ops 2)



Overflow just felt old. In a game with a large variety of new-looking maps, this one just felt out of place, and like it could be in any of the Modern Warfare games. It almost seems as if Treyarch let Infinity Ward try their hand at making a map in this game. There also wasn’t really anything special about this map as it was about as basic as 3-lane maps get.

6. Prison Break (Ghosts)



Before I begin let me just say that 4 of the next 5 maps are all from Ghosts. It’s pretty clear now why that this game was hated on so much. Anyways, I will say that there were two good things about this map. The colors were nice and varied, and that one tree that you could shoot to make a bridge was pretty dang cool. Besides that, this map is pretty awful. It’s so cluttered, and wherever I go, I always feel unsafe and that someone could shoot me from any direction. I cannot tell you how many times I have been shot in the back or sniped via a thermal scope in this map. It truly is ridiculous.

5. Siege (Ghosts)



If you’re an aggressive player like me, this map is incredibly frustrating to play. First of all this map is humongous! If it wasn’t for the fact that it is so narrow, this would definitely be the biggest map ever in a Call of Duty game. Second, for a map this large, there is way too much verticality. If you’re trying to flank or play objective, it’s almost impossible to make it to your goal, because you are going to get sniped and shot at from overused long-ranged assault rifles like the Remington or the AK-12. Third, there are so many camping spots where even if you know that the guy is in a certain spot, you still might not be able to get him. If I could say one good thing about this map, it would be that the look of it reminds me a lot of Uncharted.

4. Bakaara (Modern Warfare 3)



I have to say, this is undoubtedly my least favorite map in any Call of Duty that isn’t Ghosts. It feels like someone took Village, Hardhat, Lockdown, and whole lot of dull green coloring, and put it in a blender, and let me say, this smoothie does not taste good. Everything in this map feels so awkward, especially the main building, which, by my memory, was full of campers, and I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t see this map very often when I played, otherwise I think I would’ve gone crazy.

3. Whiteout (Ghosts)



Whiteout, which shares the same name of the equally mediocre Mountain Dew flavor, is just a huge mess. This map truly feels like 2 maps that were combined to make one.The small abandoned town part is kind of small and actually relatively well-made, while the huge snow-desert part is just so unpopulated in games that it forces you to run for a good minute or two to finally get to the action. The plain and simple issue I have with this map, is that it is just too big, and if they really wanted to fix it, I would say to just cut out that whole snow-desert part.

2. Stormfront (Ghosts)



This map shares an almost identical issue with Whiteout. It’s way too big and feels like two different maps put together. But the reason why I put it ahead of Whiteout is because of how unbalanced it is. If you spawn on the side of the map that has the huge building an the bridge, you’re pretty much set, and if you spawn on the other side, you might as well quit now, because all that will happen is that you constantly get sniped by M27-IARs and thermal-scoped sniper rifles. There is already enough hate on this map all over the internet, so if you really want to hear more about how bad this map is just look up “worst map in cod”.

1. Warhawk (Ghosts)



I know that a lot of fans of Ghosts will be surprised by this, as it is generally regarded as one of the few good maps in that game, but let me tell you, this map is the bane of my existence. I literally have never had a good game on this map. I have had at least one good game on every other map in Call of Duty, except this one. There are so many spots where there is a clear advantage to one person in a gunfight, it’s ridiculous. There are a couple of spots that are perfect for campers and there is only one entrance that is so easy to guard. I now refuse to play this map, because you cannot play this map aggressively. It simply isn’t possible. There are way too many perfect sniping spots, little nooks and crannies where it is near impossible to see the enemy, and most of all, there is way too many IEDs. I see more IEDs on this map than any other map in the game, and anyone who has played Ghosts know how annoying IEDs are. It is a little bit colorful, but everything has that annoying reddish-pink feel to it. It’s not as bad as, say, Karachi, but I still really don’t like it. And the very worst part about it is the fact that everyone always votes for this map!

Well, those were my least favorite Call of Duty maps, but which one are yours? 

My Favorite Call of Duty’s


This is a list of my personal favorite Call of Duty’s. I am not including any Call of Duty game before Modern Warfare, and I am not counting iOS games or Portable system games. Remember, this is not the definitive Call of Duty list, this is just a list of MY favorites. I will also include pictures of the multiplayer gameplay, so you can see what the average online game would be like.

Number 7: Call of Duty: World At War


Call of Duty: World at War was my least favorite Call of Duty for mainly one reason: The colors. When I play games, the colors make a relatively huge impact on my opinion of them, and can really make or break a game for me. I know that some people don’t care about the colors and think that all that matters is the gameplay. I’m not like that, and this game is almost entirely dull greens, grey-blues, and dark browns. I also wasn’t really interested in the World War II setting. It seemed reused and tired, it was kind of weird that the Call of Duty Games would go from having huge success with a modern shooter, to going back to the same, old WWII setting. Zombies was a very nice addition, but it didn’t save the game for me. The campaign was alright, but didn’t intrigue me at all.

Favorite Gun: Type 100

Favorite Map: Castle

Number 6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


MW3 was probably the biggest disappointment I have ever had when it comes to video games. This game was coming out at the height of my love for Call of Duty, and it probably goes the same for many others. In my opinion this game started the downfall of Call of Duty. Ever since this game, playing Call of Duty was never the same for me. The story mode was bland and pretty boring, the new Spec Ops Survival mode felt like a not-as-good zombies mode, the graphics did not improve at all, all of the multiplayer maps were either brown or grey, and overall, the multiplayer felt stiff and lifeless to me. I could go on and on about why I disliked this game so much, but instead I will explain why I liked it more than World at War. MW3 had better aesthetics than World at War, it had more guns that I enjoyed playing with, it added in Kill Confirmed, which has since become one of my favorite game modes, and last, but certainly not least, I actually had fun playing the game. In World at War I constantly found myself bored and unmotivated, but in MW3, I at least enjoyed myself a bit. Overall I don’t think that MW3 is a bad game, I think that hype killed the game for me.

Favorite Gun: PP90M1

Favorite Map: Hardhat

Number 5: Call of Duty: Ghosts



For many, Ghosts marked the end of Call of Duty, but for some it was just another great Call of Duty. I didn’t really fit into either of these camps. I thought that it was good, but it definitely could use some work. I am not going to go too in-depth, because I am going to review this game soon, but I will say that I can definitely see why people complained about this game so much and it definitely took a step down from Treyarch’s Black Ops 2. Hopefully, Advanced Warfare will learn from the mistakes of this game and be great.

Favorite Gun: K7

Favorite Map: Strikezone

Number 4: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2



Black Ops 2 was the game that reminded me that there was still hope for Call of Duty after the disaster that was MW3. Black Ops 2 had all of the color that I wanted from a Call of Duty game, and all of the innovation that I wanted from a Call of Duty game. Everything looked sleek and smooth, and overall, was very appealing to the eye. Maps like Hijacked, Plaza, and Encore reminded me that Call of Duty could still be extremely fun and fast-paced. This was probably the Call of Duty that I played most often with friends, and that had a good effect, which was making the game overall, more fun. The campaign was also great, with the new addition of choice. I really cared about the characters, and the twists really shook me. Although, the new style of Zombies upset me, I much rather prefer choosing an individual map rather than one big map. This game basically ruined Zombies for me. Overall this game was fantastic and a huge step in the right direction for Call of Duty.

Favorite Gun: MP7

Favorite Map: Hijacked

Number 3: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare




Many fans of Call of Duty consider Modern Warfare to be the very best Call of Duty there is. I do not. I consider it to be the foundation of an amazing series that still holds up to this day. This iteration of Call of Duty had some of the best maps ever in Call of Duty. This game also happens to be the game that I did the best in online. This was not my first Call of Duty, I never played it at the height of its popularity, so maybe I’m biased, or maybe I’m not biased and all the people who played this on release day are the ones who are biased. I don’t really know. All I know is that this game has some of the best multiplayer I have ever seen in a game. There are some bad things about this game though. Spec Ops was boring and uninteresting, and pretty much the same goes for the story. I didn’t enjoy myself while playing campaign, and at times it felt like a chore to complete. Many people say they only play Call of Duty for the multiplayer, so all that matters is the multiplayer, but I like playing through story modes, and I like playing little, fun, bonus modes. Overall, this is a fantastic game, and I am sure that I’m one of the very few that doesn’t have this game top my list.

Favorite Gun: M40A3

Favorite Map: Crash

Number 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops



I consider Black Ops to be the best overall Call of Duty game. It has a great campaign, a great side mode (Zombies), a great multiplayer, and tons of great easter eggs. But this isn’t the list of the best Call of Duty games, this is a list of my personal favorite Call of Duty games, and there is one game I like better than this. Anyways, this game has the best campaign I have ever seen in a FPS game. It had Hollywood Stars, like Sam Worthington and Gary Oldman, voicing the characters, it had an insane plot twist at the end that I did not see coming at all, there were tons of intense moments like the russian roulette scene, and it had an actual interesting story that I cared about. It also had the best rendition of the Zombies mode ever, a fun mini-game called Dead Ops Arcade, and an interactive menu screen. The multiplayer was great too. It added great new killstreaks like Napalm Strikes, Blackbirds, and Dogs. It also added a bunch of fun new customization options for your classes, and had some of the best sound in a Call of Duty game. This game also had some of the best maps and guns ever in a Call of Duty game, like the MP5K, the Spectre, the AUG, the G11, the Crossbow, and much, much more. The hit detection in this game is pretty bad, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Favorite Gun: AUG

Favorite Map: Nuketown

Number 1: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2



MW2 is my favorite Call of Duty. Black Ops is very close but MW2 beats it by just a little bit. This game was my first Call of Duty, and with that, it introduced me to a whole other world of gaming. Before I will get into the multiplayer I’ll just say that the campaign is a fun ride with memorable missions, like “No Russian”, and the Spec Ops mode is an improved-on version of CoD4’s Spec Ops, but it is still pretty mediocre. Alright, on to the fun part. The multiplayer for this game is the best I have ever seen in a game. Period. While it does have some issues like the noobtubers, the commando knifing, and the hacking, it still is incredible. I have two main reasons why this game is great. 1: Every gun is fun to use, and 2: There is no map I dislike. Yes, that’s right every map is fun to me. There is also one more thing that highly effected my love for this game: my demolition class. Demolition was my favorite game mode and I had the best demolition class ever. I don’t remember it entirely but I believe it was: Ump45 silenced, Spas-12 with grip, tactical insertion, concussion grenades, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim. I can remember it now, constantly having ninja defuses and placing my tactical insertions in the perfect spot, right next to the bomb. Anyways, my point is that my personal experience with this game was fantastic and I have had no better multiplayer experience.

Favorite Gun: UMP45

Favorite Map: Highrise

Thanks For Reading! I hope you agreed with this list, and if you didn’t, that’s okay because we are allowed to have different opinions. I plan to do a Top 10 Call of Duty Maps list soon!